Craving (Hiraeth)


What’s that one yearning that makes your heart ache? When I came across #Hiraeth (Welsh) I knew that here was a single word with countless layers, expressing all my longing and nostalgia for the places I once lived in. They were never my destination. Strange it is, that at my last port of call today I long to cruise to these lands once again. Is it, as they say, that your journey is the destination you are looking for?

I always think of the places

I’ve left far behind.

Places where nothings happen

and all days are dopplegangers.

Ragged advertisements adorn shabby walls

and the sun beams

through soiled meshes.

I ask myself if the roads there

are still lined with trees


Has the love for motorways

broken their monotony.

I wonder if the people I knew

still walk those streets.

Or maybe just like me

they’ve left… until eternity.

Do those alleys


Or have bricked walls been razed

to give way to a culture of plazas.

Why, oh why, do I crave for lands bygone

Because I had wished to escape them

while the journey was still on!








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