Book Review: The Adventures of the JP Family

Blogchatter Book Review Programme AUTHOR: Radhika Acharya BOOK NAME: The Adventures of the J P Family GENRE: Humour/ Fiction TOTAL NUMBER OF PAGES: Sixty-two PUBLISHER: Blogchatter ABOUT THE AUTHOR Radhika Acharya is not a newbie writer. She has been successfully putting her thoughts to paper since her college days. Her lost love for writing was … Continue reading Book Review: The Adventures of the JP Family

Z-ed(Z) or Zee(Z)

I met a friend Who carried in his hand A bunch of lilies galore, ‘Ah! Those Flaars (flowers),’ I cried He smirked and smiled. ‘Flaars are gone,’ he said ‘It’s Flah-wer you see, Times are changing You need a new dictionary!!!’   I brushed this meeting aside Calling it his pride Until a day in … Continue reading Z-ed(Z) or Zee(Z)

Walk a While, Just Another Mile

I refused to plug my ears or play a vintage number. It was going to be my inaugural walk on an unfamiliar road. The decision had been taken off the cuff. There were no Google Maps to guide me. Just a stark, lonely road that lay ahead. The safest bid would have been to hang … Continue reading Walk a While, Just Another Mile

Virtually Real

As someone pointed out after reading yesterday’s post, we all look for a break from our urban lives but land up in retreats that happen to be equally crowded. Thankfully, I’d say, the hills still have some unexplored places but they ask you to be more venturesome and daring. If you are looking for valet … Continue reading Virtually Real