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Mountains & the Delhi Trees

I’ve been trying to get out early in the morning nowadays. The wee hours that I normally devoted to my writing are being spent roaming the streets of Delhi. Not that the city can boast of an early morning breeze but it’s enough that… Continue Reading “Mountains & the Delhi Trees”

Hiraeth- Partition Stories from 1947

My grandmother died almost ten years ago. I remember her last few years, when she would invariably express her desire to visit her maternal home, one that she hadn’t been to in a long time. One that was now just another version of the… Continue Reading “Hiraeth- Partition Stories from 1947”

Craving (Hiraeth)

What’s that one yearning that makes your heart ache? When I came across #Hiraeth (Welsh) I knew that here was a single word with countless layers, expressing all my longing and nostalgia for the places I once lived in. They were never my destination.… Continue Reading “Craving (Hiraeth)”

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