‘Hair’ Today, Gone Tomorrow!

This piece is a cheerful take on some chronic disorders. It is not meant to belittle struggles of those who choose to fight. It is simply meant to manifest a positive approach in dealing with certain ailments.

My ‘hair’ tales aren’t new to the world. I have never shied away from admitting my long-standing relationship with AA (Alopecia something). Yes, the status remains ‘committed’, even as you may hear rumours of our supposed break-up every now and then. Yet, I would say I am few of those chosen ones who have managed to give more misses to the disorder, than hits. But since my immune system is my over active baby, I am unable to snub it for long.

And so, goes the story, that patches usually enter my life at their own whim and leave when they so fancy. I am like their vulnerable girl friend whose heart melts each time her boy friend asks for forgiveness and seeks to ‘patch up’. Anyway, I am not here to seek solace for the brutalities of my chronic lover.

Just like they say, the toughest ones in your life only toughen you up. If nothing, my negligent friend has only made me stronger than before; as also, more tender and understanding of inconveniences of life. So, in short, we’ve made peace.

But unlike me, so many of my partisans have not been able to forgive AA. They are constantly waging a war and don’t have so many nice things to say about it. In the process, they sometimes land up pulling me back as well! Because every time you look at them, you are met with an inconsolable, melancholic, tch tch look- one that is primarily meant to convey that your life is now in doldrums and you must resign to live stoically ever after.

You desperately try telling them that you are doing fine, but they wouldn’t believe you because they have just nose-dived into the depths of your heart and they know exactly how you feel. And so, they slacken every attempt that you try to make to move on.

Therefore, I genuinely feel that my grievance cell had the wrong address all these years and poor AA was pointlessly assuring me redressals.

As for the two of us, we have been living harmoniously right now. And I don’t mind even if status quo doesn’t change. For I truly believe that nothing lasts forever. So, it’s more than okay. Because even the best that you have is ‘hair’ today, gone tomorrow!


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14 thoughts on “‘Hair’ Today, Gone Tomorrow!”

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  2. Ah! Sonia. You have managed to create a great post out of your struggle with humour. I loved it. I used to have long hair, but all that is not lost!

  3. You are a braveheart Sonia. Accepting the odds and leading life with the same zeal, adding a pinch of humour is quite appreciable.

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