#IWSG, Wednesday July 1, Writing in the Next Decade

Hello everyone! Welcome back to yet another month of the IWSG, a wonderful support group for writers where you learn and grow; where your craft is not limited to a space or region and where you adopt global methods and trends. If you are a writer of poetry, short stories, prose, novels or just a … Continue reading #IWSG, Wednesday July 1, Writing in the Next Decade

Urban Nightmare- WEP June

Hello! Could there be another time to discuss 'Urban Nightmare' ? That's the theme for this month's WEP Challenge. And aren't we living it every moment? I've attempted a flash, and while the premise remains the same (I can't seem to break away from my preferred style of writing) but I've attempted not to talk … Continue reading Urban Nightmare- WEP June

If there’s one thing we inherit from our mothers…

Hi friends One of my short stories titled "If there's one thing we inherit from our mothers, it's certainly their madness' was picked up by Women's Web for the Muse of the Month Contest. I had titled the story 'Crazy Scribbles from Mom' but the title was changed by the portal. Also, I struggled to … Continue reading If there’s one thing we inherit from our mothers…

You Are Blooming- Favourite Quotes

Hola people! The world is crumbling and mistrust, scepticism, fear accompany the morbidity that plagues us all. At this point of time, Swarnali Nath’s eBook ‘You are Blooming’ is the manna we seek. Like a ray of light that breaks in through the chinks, it offers hope and faith. I share my favourite quotes from … Continue reading You Are Blooming- Favourite Quotes

Book Review: Unlocked – Historical Tales in Verse by Sonia Dogra | #BlogChatterEbook

Another review of UNLOCKED by Mayura Amarakant


I grew up among friends who always complained about how they found history boring. I was blessed with fabulous teachers in school and college who made history fun. They would paint pictures right before our eyes and we would listen, totally fascinated by the lore. Well, I wish Sonia Dogra would have written this book while we were growing up. My friends would have grown to appreciate history and learn from the myriad teachings it offers.

Sonia Dogra’s ebook, Unlocked – Historical Tales in Verse, is a collection of poems that narrate historical events and characters in the most interesting manner. 

Historical Tales in Verse

BlogChatter published Sonia Dogra’s ebook, Unlocked – Historical Tales in Verse as part of their Ebook Carnival in May 2020

What I loved about the book?

For a moment I felt as if I was reading a book in the Central Library of Mumbai. The language, layout, choice of…

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Papa & I- Not a Book Review

Last evening, I read Pooja Priyamvada’s eBook ‘Papa & I’. Registered under Blogchatter’s eBook Carnival, the book offers perspectives on losing a loved one to death. A combination of few prose pieces, twenty-eight poems and certain random notes, it is dedicated to the author’s late father, who she fondly remembers in the book.It is hard … Continue reading Papa & I- Not a Book Review