Our Souls are Flecked with Friendship

Our souls, I believe, are flecked with friendship. You know, we are mostly lucky to find friends at several crossroads. Not all of them are forever, but they do stay like cold, fresh mornings that are rather sharp, but then also so raw and completely unorthodox. Yes, the most beautiful relationships are so unconventional. And friendship does have that bohemian flavour. Or, it should if it doesn’t.

Like, you make friends and you break up. You meet again, rekindle your affair, and walk away one more time. Some friends flicker like candle flames from a distance, while you glove the others and they happily stay. You lament that time has got the better of some of them and so languished as your friendship becomes, you bid adieu. And then, some friends just vanish forever, like they just never existed.

And yet, I say, our souls continue to be flecked with friendship. Because no matter whether friends choose to camp perpetually or intermittently, the fact is that friendships live on. A part of it or the whole of it. Because when you choose to leave a part of your life, you do not know whether you will return completely to it or whether you will return at all. But then, the truth is that you have never entirely left.

So, friends maybe affable or may become petulant over time, your soul is always dabbed with friendship. And that is how it is supposed to be. Friends may leave, friendships stay!

Piglet once asked Pooh, “We’ll be friends forever, won’t we Pooh?”

“Even longer,” Pooh answered.


#Flash Fiction

new friends image

Both friends looked up at the spiral staircase. This wasn’t the first time they were here. But yes, it was after twenty long years- years that were longer than the staircase.
Back in the 90s, they had together walked up to the top, several times…building a lifelong friendship on the way.
And then as life happened, they made their own winders and the friendship was left behind in bits and pieces.
Today, they had returned to climb up the spiral staircase once again, and together pick up those pieces en route to the top.


Image source: Women’s web

21 thoughts on “Our Souls are Flecked with Friendship”

  1. True friends may wither but friendship stays forever. Great post and write up Sonia and even beautiful is the pic of spiral stairs. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this 🙂

  2. I love that idea, of our soul being flecked with friendship. It’s true, friends come and go – some stay with us forever, some criss-cross through our path, and some disappear, but they all leave a mark on us.

  3. Like pooh I also used to believe in never ending forever friendships. But growing up has changed this belief amongst many other things. Your post was a nice read.

  4. This post made me super nostalgic. I’ve been through many phases of friendship’s too 🙂
    Loved the way you expressed through your writings in the post. Subscribed you for more such posts.
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

  5. It’s always a delight to read your posts that are so perfect in many ways… Friendships are always special and they live forever

  6. This reminds me of so many friendships
    Friendships are something which can’t be defined. We can be friends with people we never met. Also there are certain friendships which meant so much while growing up but those people just vanished from our lives.
    Such a strange yet such a beautiful relation 🙂

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