There is a baggage we unknowingly carry inside our hearts. An unwanted guest who piles on. If you have such a visitor in there, it’s time to let go!


Do you cringe at the mere mention of a name?

Ever wondered what makes you knit your browsb

every time you see that matronly dame.

Is there someone whose very thoughts make you fume,

Use a multitude of your facial muscles

And never let you cool?

Maybe you sense that flush of blood

right there in your cheek

Or feel just like a fidgety freak.

Do you go about mumbling with rage,

Just because somebody said

something you thought was insane?

Is it that the anger just doesn’t wane,

You toss and turn in bed

sleepless and in pain.

Keep mulling over a hundred things

you could have told your detractors,

and make a mindful list of retaliatory factors.


If the answer to any of these

Makes you go ‘Aye’

It’s time, my friend, to just stop by.

If an acquaintance, a far-fetched aunt

Or an unknown troll

Provoke you in any of these ways,

Hold on


Pause and wait.

For unknowingly, my dear

You are holding on

To so, so much hate.



14 thoughts on “Baggage”

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  2. Lovely poem Sonia! These emotional baggage makes life a hell. So, at some point of time we need to come face-to-face with this monster and ask it to go forever.

  3. Lovely ! I’ve learnt to make peace with all my demons (except my mother, but she’s 87, and will never change or learn to listen to another point of view). Hope you are not harboring any rage yourself ! I found it’s a real waste of energy, brings nothing but negative thoughts and the rage just turns against yourself !
    Have a lovely A to Z Challenge. We will meet again !

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