Blogchatter A to Z Challenge 2020- THEME REVEAL


April is around the corner folks and the Blogging World is gearing up for yet another A to Z Challenge 2020.

Last year, I had jumped in at the nick of time, without a theme and without preparation, and had landed up burning the midnight oil. But what a time I had! I found some wonderful friends from the blogging zone who held my hand for the entire year, and opened up new doors of the wonderful writing world. I am so grateful to A to Z 2019 for that.

This year I am a tiny little veteran (Ha!), having taken my lessons in ‘A to Z Management’. I HAVE A THEME!

My theme for the A to Z Challenge 2020 spearheaded at two levels by Arlee Bird and Richa Singh is,

I love rhyming. And I love researching History books. So, I decided to bring the two together and present tiny events from history- people, places, books, science, incidents- whatever interesting pieces I could find and turn them into a poem.

I hope to make my little pieces enjoyable, easy and breezy reads for all of you. I hope you go back from this page with a desire to find out a little more of what I tell you here. I wish to ignite that spark!

At the same time, I hope I can read lots of new bloggers/writers and meet like-minded people in this journey.

So, see you all, right here, each day starting April 1, 2020!

112 thoughts on “Blogchatter A to Z Challenge 2020- THEME REVEAL

  1. Poetry is my love forever, but history is what I’ve always hated. Now, I’m slowly falling in love with it. I think your posts will make me fall completely in love with history. All the best. 🙂

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  2. I am already a big fan of your writing style Sonia and this time your theme sounds like a treat for readers. looking forward to reading your amazing posts. all the best!

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  3. History and Poetry…awesome theme. I like history and I like reading poetry but writing poetry is not my cup of tea. So hats off to you for picking this theme.

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  4. This sounds like a wonderful theme, and I’m sure you will ignite many sparks…without burning your hands 🙂 I’m looking forward to following along!


  5. I like history. I even have a blog on Indian History. Poems on history. Will be interesting. I am writing on a subject which is 110 years old and I have good knowledge of its history starting from 1880.

    Industrial Engineering Practice in Top Global Manufacturing Companies – Top 100

    Good interesting themes in this year’s blogging challenge.

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    1. Wonderful to connect. I’m not very knowledgeable but I do try to read a lot and that’s what I hope to do this time…Read, rehash, reproduce… I hope it works out!


  6. I am waiting for your posts.
    You reminded me of NaPoWriMo I remember reading your posts, while I was a part of that challenge. April was fun, I agree, with new write-ups, readers, writers and a lot to learn. Although, I am unsure if I can do any of these challenges this year!

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