Out of Sight, Out of Mind

No, there isn’t a mushy, saccharine story that I bring today. Life can’t be spiritual and all every day.  As a middle-aged woman, I do have to deal with some practical issues, and I’m just here to share the tale of my absent-mindedness. Once again, do not confuse me with being a scatterbrain. I’m not. … Continue reading Out of Sight, Out of Mind

No-The Subtle Art of Saying So!

This goes back to the time when I was teaching. I had moved into a new job just around the time of mid-term examinations and was trying to get a hang of things. There was a colleague who was teaching the same subject and classes. Since most of our work was in unison, we were … Continue reading No-The Subtle Art of Saying So!


The popular “meel ka paththar”. They were such an essential part of travel until huge green mile markers- just a variation of the former, or, the Google Maps happened. Although you do spot these milestones on roadsides even today, forsaken and abandoned. Years ago, when highways hadn’t really taken over in India, I would always … Continue reading Milestones

बताओ न माँ!! (Tell me, Mother)

Flash fiction based on the given picture by #Womensweb हिन्दी 'माँ, अब हम दरगाह पर चादर चढ़ाने क्यों नही जाते हैं?' 'अब हम नही जाएंगे। क्योंकि उन्होंने ही तुम्हारे मामा को मारा है।' 'मौलवी जी ने?' 'नहीं।' 'तो?चादर बेचने वाले अब्दुल ने?' 'नहीं।' 'तो?रेहाना की अम्मी ने जो हमें वहां ले जाती थीं?' 'नहीं।' 'तो … Continue reading बताओ न माँ!! (Tell me, Mother)

Letter- Chitthi Aayi Hai! (You received a letter)

I bring with me today, the whiff of old letters. Back in the 1970s my father moved to a different town for work. I speak of those days when it took seven to eight hours to cover a distance that would take merely three to four hours today. My grandfather, who lived in Chandigarh then, … Continue reading Letter- Chitthi Aayi Hai! (You received a letter)

The King’s Motley Curtains

Not very long ago, there lived a King in the North of the Indian subcontinent. He was a great reader, a great acquirer of knowledge. He had a personal library and would often import books from China and the Middle East and Russia, to add to his collection. He would also quote great writers and … Continue reading The King’s Motley Curtains