Reflection Post

To begin with, I think I could be handed over "The Late Blogger" Award by Blogchatter. I was one of the last few bloggers to jump into the A to Z Challenge 2019 and I think I am again late for this Reflection Post.  Nonetheless, I would love to share my experience. I am a pretty consistent but … Continue reading Reflection Post

Thank You! (Shukraan- A Romantic’s Tour of Egypt II)

Ah! Here I am. ‘Shukraan’ for visiting the blog. ‘Shukraan’ means ‘Thank you’ in Arabic. The word is such an integral part of Egyptian culture that you find people using it so frequently. People of Egypt are extremely friendly and soft spoken. They aren’t even loud enough to honk on roads. Yes, there is immense … Continue reading Thank You! (Shukraan- A Romantic’s Tour of Egypt II)

Shukraan!A Romantic’s Tour of Egypt (I)

This post wasn't planned for the AtoZ Challenge but as they say somethings find their own way... I left quite a few people confounded when I picked up Egypt as my preferred place of travel. I had decided to forego South Africa. Now this is what happens when you ask a romantic to take a … Continue reading Shukraan!A Romantic’s Tour of Egypt (I)

The Refrigerator’s Tale

We all have that one special thing at home which our parents are fiercely protective of. These are usually very old, almost antique and that is probably their USP. I was seven when my grandfather gifted a refrigerator to my parents. The old Godrej beauty with a capacity of two-hundred something litre, shining in pristine … Continue reading The Refrigerator’s Tale

Questions Please!

“Tell Me Why?” Does that ring a bell? The only credible thing, after your parents, that you went back to for all the wonderful questions that ever plagued your mind. As children, too many doubts cloud our mind. And Parenting Bibles are so supportive of our inquisitiveness. Leaving the questions asked by a child unanswered … Continue reading Questions Please!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

No, there isn’t a mushy, saccharine story that I bring today. Life can’t be spiritual and all every day.  As a middle-aged woman, I do have to deal with some practical issues, and I’m just here to share the tale of my absent-mindedness. Once again, do not confuse me with being a scatterbrain. I’m not. … Continue reading Out of Sight, Out of Mind