Just Being Honest


It was the beginning of a new session in school. Ms Abhilasha gathered her music notes, the ones that she had been using for nth years on end. Today was going to be the first class with III A. Her drill was set. She would write the lyrics on the board and ask the girls to copy them in their note-books. Thereafter, she would ask them to sing each line after her. They would repeat the song a couple of times and then…

‘I already know the girls,’ she thought. ‘I know the ones to be picked up for the choir. I must start right away with preparations for the annual day.’

With these thoughts in mind, she made her way through the corridor. She paused at the door and threw a cursory glance at the girls. The room was buzzing with activity. The girls were busy chatting with each other.

Ms. Abhilasha had a reputation for being strict. Twenty-five years of teaching had taught her some vital lessons. She was old school and the concept of co-learners didn’t appeal to her.

‘Experience is the key,’ she would say.

Her eyes suddenly fell on a new face. A slight creature sat in a corner seat and was looking out of the window. Ms Abhilasha hadn’t seen her before. ‘New admission,’ she thought.

In the meantime, the girls spotted her at the door and the chitter-chatter ceased. They stood up in their seats as Ms Abhilasha made her way to the teacher’s desk. She gestured them to sit down. She did not ask for introductions, not even from the new girl. She would anyway find out later on.

Without wasting a moment, she started the drill. The girls had a fair idea of what to do, having been her students for two years now. The new girl whispered to her friend and as instructed began to copy from the board. Once done, Ms Abhilasha asked the girls to sing after her.

She had a very soothing voice, quite unlike her persona. The girls repeated after her- once, twice and then thrice…

It was then that she saw the new girl peeping out of the window. This was enough to enrage her. But the girl was new. So, she decided to let her off with a warning.

However, this did not deter the little girl to do as she pleased. Asked to stand in her place, she kept shuffling from one leg to the other. Her eyes looked glassy with boredom. In between the humdrum, she leaned over the table and kept looking around. This was too much for Ms Abhilasha to tolerate. Children never dared to misbehave in her class and here was a chit of a girl acting funny.

Ms Abhilasha lost her cool and asked the new entrant to step out. She told the latter that her behaviour was uncalled for and asked for an explanation as to why she did not join the others in singing.

‘I don’t like the song. I feel it is rather slow and very boring,’ was her prompt reply.

Such outrageousness was unpardonable. Were teachers ever supposed to be questioned? Such disobedience and the audacity to call the class dull! A precedence had to be set.

‘I think Ms…what’s your name…okay, whatever. We need to go and see the principal right away.’

‘But ma’am…’

‘These shenanigans don’t work in this school. Try your mischief elsewhere.’

‘But ma’am…’

‘Do you ever tell your mother her cooking is boring? How dare you…’


The entire episode was then narrated to the principal. The rule of thumb was an apology which the eight-year-old did accede to.

‘I am sorry. But… I just mean to say… that… I…I was… just being honest.’


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25 thoughts on “Just Being Honest”

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  2. An eye opener. Unknowingly we do it with our kids when we try to make them like a sport or a subject that we used to like.

  3. randommusings29

    It sounds like the girl’s honesty touched a nerve with the teacher. Maybe she should re-examine her methods

  4. And then when that 8 year old girl grow up with low self-esteem and with no courage to even speak for herself, we wonder what happened to her!! Really a must share story to parents and teachers. You have conveyed this message very beautifully

  5. Loved the way how you have presented a simple yet important concept of being honest. We all know the fact, but few voice their opinions of honesty.

  6. I really liked the story. Though you will be surprised to know that I ve also become a blogger , and i got inspired by your blog . …An 8 year old reader …and i am very proud of you 🙂

  7. After reading your post, I agree we are driving home the same point today… Being Just and honest has never been easy in this world.. Lets hope we are ringing the bell somewhere…Nice lovely read…

  8. Sonia …. how beautifully you express the experiences of others. You have written it so carefully and passed on the message wonderfully 🤗👍🙏

  9. If the girl gets to know .. that so many people appreciated her honesty …. she would never look back and become a confident woman.💖

  10. Such a beautiful story! We teach kids to be honest and then scold them when they do exactly as we instruct. Hats off to the little girlie <3

  11. This was heartwarming to say the least. Often we kill the innocence and honestly of a child through such behavior. I hope this girl continues being so honest forever though I doubt if situations will let her remain so.

  12. A great story Sonia. Being punished for honesty will kill a tiny part of that child. I hope she never ever gives up being honest. We adults need to chill sometimes. No?

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