Z-ed(Z) or Zee(Z)


I met a friend

Who carried in his hand

A bunch of lilies galore,

‘Ah! Those Flaars (flowers),’ I cried

He smirked and smiled.

Flaars are gone,’ he said

‘It’s Flah-wer you see,

Times are changing

You need a new dictionary!!!’


I brushed this meeting aside

Calling it his pride

Until a day in school

When a colleague pointed out

that Zeb-ruh (Zebra) is no more.

‘Poor souls!’ I lamented

‘Were they in the endangered list?’

‘Come on!’ she sighed

‘It’s Zee-bruh and that’s what you’ve missed!!!’


‘Oh!’ I said

‘I Of-tuhn (often) miss these things now.’

‘Tsk Tsk. Of-uhn, you missed that too somehow.’


I was beginning to panic

It was a little too much,

My honour was at stake, already, as such.

I began to tread carefully,

And invested

in a new dictionary

that would help me learn

if it was

Z-ed (Z) or Zee

And so, I sat in Prai-vuh-see (privacy)

of my little room

Only to know that it was Priv-uh-see

a little too soon!!!


I began to feel asphyxiated

and asked for some Wodder (water)

Only to be ticked off politely

before being given some Wahta.


I was beginning to feel like a freak

And thought I’d do well

to join my Cleek (clique).

‘Welcome to the Clik,’ they said.

‘This learning will stand you in good stead!’


Even moments of Lezh-uh (leisure)

seemed utterly confused

For Lee-zhuhr

It was pointed out

was completely misconstrued.


It was time I put my foot down

And pop in a Vit-a-min (vitamin)

Vaite-a-min,’ someone screamed.

‘Does it really matter,’ I said

‘As long as I know, what I’m taking in!’


There’s never a single way

To say the things you mean

Language is no more than a tool to express

and pronunciation no big deal!


Language variation is real

So, don’t judge me by your rule,

As long as you understand what I mean

Don’t mind my calling it shedual (schedule) or skedule.


It’s time you stop obsessing

with the rolling of those Rs,

Look a little further

Don’t fret over the Varz (vase).

Even if I call it Vays

It doesn’t change what it is

No matter what everyone says!!!

So, don’t lose your sleep

Over measly Zee and Z-ed

Just widen your horizon

and enjoy this diversity instead!



This post is the last in a series written for Blogchatter’s AtoZChallenge 2019. The other posts in this series may be read here.



34 thoughts on “Z-ed(Z) or Zee(Z)”

  1. Hahaha! This was awesome! I was reminded of my voice and accent training in Delhi, when I started my BPO stint! 😀
    Excellent take on Z.
    Btw, how do I continue to follow your blog? FB and Twitter are not reliable.

    1. I do have a follow the blog section here. Thanks so much. But is it because we are on blogspot and wordpress because even I am unable to follow your blog.

  2. Shubhlakshana

    Sonia …. this reminded me of the poem Hints on pronunciation on foreigners and believe me yours is outstanding . Would proudly share your write up .congratulations !!looking forward for more!

  3. SO amazing, SO relevant! You really should write more free verse – it brings out the best in you. I have loved following your blog this past month and will continue to do so. Keep inspiring us with your heartfelt work <3

  4. Interesting… and a very creative expression Sonia…. am so glad to discover your blog through BlogchatterA2Z… You have an avid reader and a loyal fan in me now…. See u around…

    1. Thank you so much for staying on and being such a wonderful reader. I’m a little poor in my social skills so couldn’t reciprocate well. But appreciate all your love!

  5. Your writing skills are a no match! The way you play with words and come up with the simple yet impactful messages is just outstanding! Thank you for this lovely and humorous lesson of phonetics. Glad that I discovered your blog via this challenge. Hearty ongratulations to complete this marathon!

  6. Richa Khattar Verma

    This is an exceptional piece of huuy-mer (humour) Sonia…just loved reading it and savouring the diversity of pro-noun-siya-shon (pronounciation)..
    Keep writing girl..look forward to much more from you!!

    1. naveensharmais

      Thanks for sharing such a beautiful articles Sonia. I used to look forward for a new read every day. You have got such an amazing talent. Each article is a delight and nothing could have been better than this poem for a grand finale 👏👏👍👍🙂

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