There isn’t ENOUGH Salt in the Curry…



There isn’t enough salt in the curry

Or, oh! It’s just a little too much.

You’ve put on a few kilos

Or,oh! Lost a little too much.

Isn’t twenty-two early to marry

Or, oh! Thirty-two is a little too much.

The baby is coming very soon

Or, oh! Still not planned? That’s a little too much.

Your toddler isn’t well fed

Or,oh! Fed a little too much.

She hasn’t started talking as yet

Or,oh! Isn’t she talking a little too much.

The dress is pretty long

Or,oh! It’s slightly short- rather a little too much.

You aren’t working, why?

Or, oh! Aren’t you working a little too much?

Why don’t you stop him when he goes astray?

Or, oh! You are too bossy, men need some space- your intrusion is a little too much.

Why don’t you check your child?

Or don’t be a hitler mom- this is a little too much.

Your house is a mess

Or,oh! You are a cleanliness freak- a little too much.

Is that all the money you get?
Or, oh! Don’t you think you earn a little too much.

Sometimes things that we do are never enough
Or, oh! They are just a little too much.

So, don’t you worry
And put aside that curry
No matter how hard you try
The salt will never be enough
Or, oh! It will always be a little too much.


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This post is part of Blogchatters AtoZ Challenge.

14 Comments on “There isn’t ENOUGH Salt in the Curry…

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  2. People won’t stop bothering you, judging you or burdening you with their invaluable opinions. But just remember you are Perfectly Imperfect my friend! That’s what life is here.

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  3. Such a relatable post Sonia. The crowd will never ever be ok with you or your choices! I say forget them and live your own life as you want!

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  4. Nobody is perfect but it’s the imperfection in us that makes us perfect in our own sense … we just can not please every one every time and why do we even need do ….

    Too good… so well articulated 👍🏻


  5. The salt will always be an issue in our lives….no matter what we do or how we do it… There is something always left undone or not done as should be.

    Your topics are really intriguing. Grt going.


  6. So true. People are going to judge, no matter how much we do. Great way of putting this out. And I’m so glad that I can comment on your posts now.


  7. Gorgeous, beautiful, amazingly relatable post! 😀 I too have stopped bothering about the too-much-es and the too-little-s. Anything we do will never be adequate, so might as well do exactly as we please! 😀


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