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‘S’ inserted the key in the ignition and put the car on gear one. Slowly she proceeded out of the school gate. The rear-view mirror showed images of her three children (thirteen, eight and five) who she had just dropped to school after a ‘three-month-long’ vacation. It had been a holiday primarily marked by Capital D for Discipline.

S smiled to herself secretly as she took the road back home. The song on the car stereo played on volume six- the amicable number that had been decided upon because blaring music was a big no in the rule book. It was playing ‘The Song of Freedom’. It was merely a co-incidence, though. For a moment her hands itched to raise the volume to ten…or maybe, thirteen. But it would be too soon. So, she waited to turn around the corner. Afterall, she had been the torch-bearer of D for three long months. It isn’t easy to let go of the one who has stood by you in your testing times. With the children noticing her every move, she had stuck to the rule book to a T.

  1. No Loud Music.
  2. Junk and food couldn’t co-exist.
  3. Was screen-time even existent?
  4. Meals on tables- no potato couches.
  5. Shoes in place.
  6. No one’s pleading for car speeds!

There wasn’t any other way. Even with a long list of handouts, there hadn’t been a breather. Not even on Sundays!

And now, it was hard to believe that she would have six hours of the day completely to herself! What was she going to do?


S was now grinning like the Cheshire cat. She had left the school way behind her. The speedometer showed sixty at first, then eighty and soon she was past the hundred mark. What was this urgency to get back home? Well, you wouldn’t guess!

Once home, she quickly unlocked the door and tossed her shoes right there in the living room. With Kishore Da blaring on her Bose speakers, she headed straight to the kitchen and poured herself a huge glass of coke ‘on the rocks’. The heat had been simmering and how she had thirsted for those cubes.

Finally, S took her place on the couch and turned on the television to stream in her favourite show.

Afterall, she did know how to fill in the ‘six long hours’. This mommy had just got real!!!


This post is part of Blogchatter’s AtoZ Challenge 2019.

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19 thoughts on “Get Real Mommy”

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  2. haha, nice one Sonia… Good to know that I am not the only one who is the happiest soul every Monday Morning after the 2-day weekend break that had been maddening and exhaustive… Enjoy the “Me time” dear S…

  3. Awesome….S deserves all the lone time she can get and the freedom of the 6 hours to wind out. U really have a knack for penning great stories.

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