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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello friends! [ PS: I have also been recently nominated for the award once again, by Virtual Syahi (https://priyankaspen.com/about-virtual-siyahi/). Priyanka is a versatile blogger and her beautiful thoughts may be read here. I will be answering the questions asked by her as well. Thank you… Continue Reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

Just Being Honest

It was the beginning of a new session in school. Ms Abhilasha gathered her music notes, the ones that she had been using for nth years on end. Today was going to be the first class with III A. Her drill was set. She… Continue Reading “Just Being Honest”

Get Real Mommy

‘S’ inserted the key in the ignition and put the car on gear one. Slowly she proceeded out of the school gate. The rear-view mirror showed images of her three children (thirteen, eight and five) who she had just dropped to school after a… Continue Reading “Get Real Mommy”

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