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It’s been a hard-pressed weekend. With a little breather on Sunday, I decided to do two days of NaPoWriMo together. While I stuck to the prompt for Day Sixteen (A curtal sonnet. This is a variation on the classic 14-line sonnet. The curtal sonnet form was developed by Gerard Manley Hopkins, and he used it for what is probably his most famous poem, “Pied Beauty.” A curtal sonnet has eleven lines, instead of the usual fourteen, and the last line is shorter than the ten that precede it), I have gone off-prompt on Day Seventeen (a poem about a dog) for the reason that I am not a dog-lover and neither do I have any memorable experience with one. Apologies to all who own/love dogs. I respect your feelings, but I’m not just one.

Since sonnets are love poems, I decided to write about love for both days. Hope you have fun reading them!


A Curtal Sonnet (Rhyme scheme abcabc, dcbdc)

At sixteen love is saccharine

Sprinkled stardust on ordinary days

A flaming shade of desire

By thirty you begin wondering

If the bitter aftertaste

Is a turgid quagmire


At fifty, you move gently

Savouring the warmth of the fire

A cosy silence lovingly plays

Togetherness manuals are user-friendly

Love rewires


The following mini-poem is off-prompt. A commentary on contemporary search for love.

we seek attentions.

poppies bloom

in cyber-space.

our sad heads

don’t comprehend,

attentions are not

the only recipes for love.


Did you enjoy these two offerings on love? Do let me know in the comments below. (Image: Pixabay)

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28 thoughts on “On Love”

  1. Feels so good to read a sonnet after so long. Never tried writing one but you have inspired me now. Loved both of them

  2. 50 shades of love! Love transcends age showing its spectacular spectrum over the life time.
    Loved both the sonnets. While the first showcased the multi-faceted personality the second presented it’s emotional pluralism.

  3. I particularly liked your Gerard Manley Hopkins inspired poem. These lines were inspired, ‘By thirty you begin wondering

    If the bitter aftertaste

    Is a turgid quagmire’

  4. Loved both the poems, the curtal sonnet though took my heart. how beautifully you have described the beautiful shades of Love. “Love rewires” this is going to be stuck in my brain for quite some time now!

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