Quintessential Quixotism

It’s Day Nineteen at NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write a poem that starts with a command. It could be as uncomplicated as “Look,” as plaintive as “Come back,” or as silly as “Don’t you even think about putting that hot sauce in your hair.”

In response to the prompt I have a poem which is also going to be my entry for the April WEP, a poetry/flash fiction writing platform. For WEP the challenge is to be inspired by Bob Dylan’s song A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall. It has been described as ‘the most idiosyncratic protest song ever written’.

Amazing lyrics, great symbolism is all I can say about Dylan’s song. This poem written as a response to the song, has been playing in my mind on a loop, put to some quirky music by yours truly. I decided to use the tagline ‘Quintessential Quixotism’ because this idealism is not foolish. Instead, it is the need of the hour, a prototype of the kind of antidote we need for realism. I loved being inspired by ‘rain’ to talk about ‘rein’.

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

Quintessential Quixotism

Take the reins

We’ve reached the end of the rope

Hang on

Slithering serpents love apple trees


Oceans struggle to breathe

Clean up


Take the reins

Crackling branches host no winds

Fix up

Snow in spring comes calling in

Build up

All of Ganga* can’t wash your sins



Take the reins

A cypress mourns by the road

Shun evil

Ravens wheel over newspaper reports

Watch out

Hearts grow into raging blazes

Loosen up


Take the reins

Wipe out, the hatred

Look! The waters rise

Don’t be late

Somebody answer the call !

Take the reins, NOW.

*Holy river of the Hindus

(Total Words: 104; FCA)

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52 thoughts on “Quintessential Quixotism”

  1. Wonderful rhythm and the form of the poem is exactly what is needed. Commands to humankind to step up and make the world a better place than it is now.

  2. Hi Sonia! What an imaginative response to the prompt. Inspired to set it to music. I could hear it in my head. Love the thought – “Take the reins!” We have too many leaders who don’t take responsibility for the state of the world. We can all do our part – the citizen’s army.

  3. Great rhythm to it! Make an effective protest song 🙂 Clever take on the prompt and well done on combining the two!

  4. Hi Sonia – I love the use of ‘take the reins’ … take some responsibility for things – be a leader … excellent poem – well done – Hilary

  5. Brilliant piece of writing, Sonia. The commands and the choice of shorter phrases bring out the urge in your voice, so well. It’s effectively poetic!

  6. Sonia, I envisioned an artist (passionate and intense like Van Gogh) painting his canvas with deep, sharp strokes — painting the imminent chaos we, as a race, are hurtling towards–as I read your piece. “Ravens wheel over newspaper reports.”– genius.

  7. The poem reflects the urge and emphasis you are trying to create…take the reins before it gets too late. Subtle and need of the hour message in ur poem….loved it..though I don’t kno that song.

    Dropping by from a to z “The Pensive”

  8. Hey Sonia, The repetition of the phrase, ‘Take the reins,’ creates a sense of urgency drawing the reader to take charge. This makes the poem powerful. I like the use of metaphors throughout the poem and how each stanza has a relevant message.

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