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It’s April 1 and we are officially into the month of challenges. I have challenged myself to do thirty days of poetry. When I decided to take the plunge into NaPoWriMo and AtoZ, I made a few plans. But what are plans if they don’t go wrong! So, all I will say is that I’m here to have fun, experiment a bit and see how far I can go. No more a stickler for rules, I’m going to do this my way.

On day 1, I didn’t want to do something long (also, I could think of nothing much). I am yet to warm up. And so, the early-bird prompt has happily come to my aid. It’s very warm here in Delhi and I am tweaking the line ‘Forever might be short’ by Emily Dickinson to pen a short nine-line poem. Since the poem is short, I decided to call it A for Abridged! So is life, really. (The picture is from a visit to Leh, India).

on a sultry, late summer day

a weary poet recites a poem

her mind conjures a world

builds a snowball—

it melts

into nothingness

the poet isn’t sad

she knows

forever is short


Have you heard of Olav H. Hauge, the Norwegian poet and translator? This is inspired from his lovely poem ‘The Old Poet Has Made a Line’, in the sense of saying much in a few words.

This post is part of BlogchatterA2Z 2022 and NaPoWriMo

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36 thoughts on “Abridged”

  1. Hi Sonia… Loved the poem, short & sweet yet full with complex ideas. 👌 Btw, ‘Forever might be short’ is an interesting line which I guess I can use in a poem too…

  2. My goodness! Sometimes, less is indeed more. there’s so much to convey with so few! Good luck! As always, I look forward to your posts!

  3. Love the ‘hopeful’ note this short poem ends on. I’m glad you have such cool shots of Leh to look at:) I hear Delhi is getting hot.

  4. Happy A2Z Sonia.
    In my part of the world though the spring has officially started, since last week due to Saiberian cold wave, we are yet again experiencing snow and cold. So when I read your poem, I so longed for the sunshine and I changed this short and sweet poem of yours to read it like this for me….

    on a cold, early spring day
    a “copy-cat” poet recites a poem
    her mind conjures a world
    builds a sun—
    it freezes
    into nothingness
    the poet isn’t sad
    she knows
    forever is short

  5. “forever is short”, oh how profound , yet true these words are Sonia.
    I simple love reading your writings Sonia and am looking forward to the rest of the month!

  6. Your poem is lovely Sonia. It left me with a feeling of sorrow. Love your photo of that sparkling mountain in Leh. All the best for your two challenges.

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