#NaPoWrimo Day 3; #AtoZChallenge Day 3. I almost missed this one. It was a difficult prompt for me and I’ll say it’s been a feeble attempt. So, how were we nudged!

The poem today is a Spanish form called a “glosa” – literally a poem that glosses, or explains, or in some way responds to another poem. The idea is to take a quatrain from a poem that you like, and then write a four-stanza poem that explains or responds to each line of the quatrain, with each of the quatrain’s four lines in turn forming the last line of each stanza. Traditionally, each stanza has ten lines, but don’t feel obligated to hold yourself to that!

Of course, I have quite a few favourites and picking one was tough. Once I’d made my choice, the ghost of the original poem refused to leave, making it tougher to for me to respond. At a point I decided to use an old poem of mine for the day, but then, the spirit of the challenge grabbed me. And here is my response to a lovely poem by Indian poet Arundhati Subramaniam, whose poetry workshop has been on my list for a while now (it’s a little steep, and in a retreat I can’t afford to go to for a year at least). So, someday.

The poem that inspires me to try the Glosa is ‘Prayer’. I choose to call mine CHILD for now.

May nothing be disturbed

in the simplest place you know

for it is here in the foetal rush

that blueprints dissolve


You are three again

A tiny floret tethered to the earth

Your matted mane the only

bane of my existence

I fasten your braids with butterfly clips.

May nothing be disturbed.


Today I remember

the games we played

A cavalry ready to charge

Your quiet slipping

behind squeaky doors, hiding

in the simplest place you know.


When saplings aren’t young trees

And bobhead dolls

the only family heirloom

they care about

Life is spent daydreaming

for it is in the foetal hush


You aren’t three anymore

Memories walk barefoot

on quicksand

Squeaky doors hide no more

Silences are mythical beings

that blueprints dissolve

Well, I missed ten lines and it still needs a lot of work. But for now I’ll wait for the next prompt. Meanwhile, here is the original poem for you.

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14 thoughts on “CHILD”

  1. How beautiful these lines, “Silences are mythical beings

    that blueprints dissolve”

    I did not find this a feeble attempt at all. You have done justice to the form and I must thank you for introducing it to me 🙂

  2. I think you’re being too hard on yourself Sonia. This poem read as it’s written–the beatings of a mother’s heart.

    Loved this:

    Memories walk barefoot

    on quicksand

    The ever-changing landscape of children growing up couldn’t have been captured better.

  3. The poem is lovely and evocative of a small child’s world view. I was happy to learn something new, since I didn’t know what a glosa is.

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