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To begin with, I think I could be handed over “The Late Blogger” Award by Blogchatter. I was one of the last few bloggers to jump into the A to Z Challenge 2019 and I think I am again late for this Reflection Post. 

Nonetheless, I would love to share my experience. I am a pretty consistent but a very moody writer. I can’t adhere to rules and themes. So the toughest part was the Theme Reveal and I played really safe. I chose Scraps from Life so that I could talk about anything under the Sun.

I’d thought it would be pretty simple but it wasn’t. I’m not a planner, so not even one post was planned. But it was a great run. Several thoughts would cross my mind during the course of a day. Thoughts on life, anecdotes from personal encounters and so on. But this was all being cooked in the mind alone. Because the pressing demands of my work place took priority during the day. But I’d say I’m blessed in the sense that I’m in the publishing industry. So, invariably I’m into reading and writing. That helped, of course.

At the end of the day, just before going to bed I would make a rough draft. I’m a stricter for seven hours of sleep. But all through April I reduced the hours to six. I would be up by four and start finalising my draft straight on the blog. And roughly by six, it would be there.

Let me state here, what a blast I had! When I was around M,N,O,P- I was really tired and dried out of ideas. But ironically my posts Milestones and Pink Pyjamas received tremendous love. That helped me to hang on.Thank you for that and for much more.

For me, writing is catharsis. I don’t bother with stats as such. But let me admit that the statistics did improve and it felt good. Who doesn’t love a dash of butter on the toast and because I’m an Indian, the butter tastes wonderful on my paranthas! 

More than the statistics I must say that this challenge was a test of my endurance and my love for writing. It helped me appreciate my tenacity and skill at writing. Thanks to Blogchatter for that.

I also met some wonderful bloggers and am awed by their spirit, dedication and craftsmanship. While I always thought that I would write my posts in advance over weekends, there were so many amazing blogs to catch up with that I finally sat down to writing at the last moment always. Thanks to the bloggers who took out time to read me and encourage me as well. No, I’m not considering the ebook. I just like a step at a time.

I do hope to return next year. But as I always say, tomorrow will only happen tomorrow. So, yes, the intention is very much there and for the rest we will have to wait and watch.

I SURVIVED and I am proud of that! So, I’ve got the coveted badge. Thank you for being a part of this phenomenal journey!

You can catch up on all the twenty-six posts here!

23 thoughts on “Reflection Post”

  1. Hi Sonia…finally got round to reading your reflection post ! Speaking of tardiness !
    Congratulations ! Was about 6 hours sleep too 🛏. 5 at night, 1 in the afternoon ! However as I write first and foremost in my notebook, diary entry then creative writing…by the time I get onto the computer..after the household chores…a lot of time has passed !
    Still owe you my theatre story and a picture with the Indian shawl…coming right up…before the holidays.
    Keep writing, I’m sure you’ll agree that it does us a world of good..for others and ourselves.
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. You don’t get the late blogger award – I do!
    I had a hard time this year (my 5th) even though I had an easy theme (alphabet books) because I was travelling most of April. But I finished and even managed a reflections post at the very last minute. I actually did a different type of reflections this year by turning my theme into a how to write and alphabet book post.
    I’m going to go back and read your other posts. Congratulations for finishing.

  3. randommusings29

    I usually end up going to bed around 4am so I was shocked to see you got up at that time to do your posts. That’s a serious commitment lol

  4. Congratulations Sonia,Late aaye par durust aaye 🙂
    You never failed to visit my blog and showered so many words of positivity, I could not catch up with your whole series but what all I have read I loved it, will keep coming back to you 🙂 lots of love.

  5. Loved all your posts Sonia. I also loved that you made time to visit me everyday. Thanks for that. See you around!

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