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A to Z Challenge 2020- Reflections

April 2020 was unusual. The A to Z Challenge, one of the biggest for the blogging world, commenced in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Life in the time of this pandemic has been anything but a bed of roses. Uncommon, atypical circumstances have… Continue Reading “A to Z Challenge 2020- Reflections”

New Beginnings

With gratitude for being a part of my writing journey in 2019. Hope to see you around more. Wish you all wonderful #New #Beginnings! Happy 2020!

Reflection Post

To begin with, I think I could be handed over “The Late Blogger” Award by Blogchatter. I was one of the last few bloggers to jump into the A to Z Challenge 2019 and I think I am again late for this Reflection Post.  Nonetheless, I would… Continue Reading “Reflection Post”

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