Questions Please!

“Tell Me Why?”

Does that ring a bell? The only credible thing, after your parents, that you went back to for all the wonderful questions that ever plagued your mind.

As children, too many doubts cloud our mind. And Parenting Bibles are so supportive of our inquisitiveness. Leaving the questions asked by a child unanswered is almost considered blasphemous. No matter how silly they may be, no matter what mood you may be in and no matter “where”!

For my children, lightning almost always strikes, when I’m either over the phone or YOU KNOW WHERE!!! They suddenly have this urge to ask  something which must be answered before the sun’s light reaches the earth. So, there is incessant knocking on the door. You try to be calm for some time because your instinct tells you what’s going on. But soon enough the door is banging as if their life depended upon it. You finally give in and walk out, totally frustrated.

‘I was just wanting to know what made you name me S?’

At this you simply want to rush back in but you remember the book of instructions. So, you put a smile on your face and try your level best to answer. But believe me, it’s tough, very tough. There is a riot of questions that is sure to follow and right towards the end, they walk out with that very unsettling look. Meaning to tell you, ‘Not quite the answer we expected!’

There is one more tribe that deals with these questions. The teachers in school. They are another set of people who must “know-it-all”. Most of them come prepared, have years of experience and handle the questions rather well. But they aren’t necessarily your human encyclopedias. So, they devise their own ways to handle the questions they are unsure of. Some are honest enough. They say they would let you know the next day. And then, there are some…

I once had a very interesting science teacher. At the end of every lecture she would stand in front of the class, hands crossed and say, ‘Questions please!’

That was the only time we were given to clear our doubts. Hands would then go up one by one. Sometimes she managed to have the answers and on other times, she looked you in the eye and said, ‘Why don’t you tell me?’

Well, if I’d had the epiphany, why would I even bother to ask you. But you still tried to answer a question that was only a question in your mind until then! Finally, you were told to “find out and let her know the next day”.

I always wondered why sometimes elders couldn’t concede defeat and check facts before giving half-baked responses. What I forgot was that it wasn’t so easy back then. But I am glad I am a “Google parent”. You know what I mean.

As I moved on in life, I learnt that nobody has the perfect answers ever. They don’t even have all the answers. But nonetheless, the spirit to question mustn’t ever fizz out. If it did, we would be deprived of the wondrous treasures of the earth and blossoming of minds.

Therefore, the next time you hear that knock on the door, be sure you answer with all your heart and with “all the google you have”!


This piece is a part of Blogchatter’s AtoZ Challenge 2019. The other posts that are a part of this challenge may be read here.


14 thoughts on “Questions Please!”

  1. Haha terrific take on questions! Reminded me of this “teachers’ pet” in school who ALWAYS had questions, many of them completely unnecessary. 😀

  2. Hahaha I might not how this feels, to be questioned at everything but I do know how it feels on the other end. Despite being an adult, I somehow still end up irritating my parents and mob younger brother to the core, and when they don’t have answers I myself go to google and tell them what I found, In the end all I get is a look that says, ‘yeah google knows it all, now can we please go back to watching this TV”

  3. Q: how do they know the load limit on bridges, dad?
    A: they drive bigger and bigger trucks until it breaks. Then they weigh the last truck and rebuild the bridge.
    C: Oh..I should have guessed
    M: dear, if you dont know the answer, just tell him!
    Guess who?
    ..but then came Google ruining inquisitiveness and imagination.

    1. Ha ha
      I so agree. Inquisitiveness, no maybe, but imagination certainly. But that’s what most technology has done to most of life.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Loved the high and low notes of your post, humor infused and all but totally unbiased towards any party 😋. Indeed it takes a toll to be expected to know it all and the enthusiasm with which parents and teachers deal with the herd is commendable. At the same time we as humans are quite lucky to be programmed in a way where curiosity becomes the natural teacher.

  5. …..and there are some who would leave the child confused and finally they goggle ….google would provide so much info that further question would knock the child’s mind and the cycle continues ……😊…. early morning dose was really good sonia 👍👍😊

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