A to Z Challenge-Theme Reveal

I think I am one of the last ones hopping on to the train. You see, I am the essential idler and mostly slow to take up challenges. I don’t believe in rushing through life and so, even though I knew I was going to be doing this sometime, I didn’t know when! So, this happens to be my first A to Z Challenge. I know I will enjoy it for the love of writing. Will I reach the finish line? I do hope so. But I can’t say. I am just going to take it one day at a time. And let us see, how far I go and how far you enjoy reading me.

The theme reveal happened just about a few days ago. I, too, was trying to figure out something. Then did this whole thing of making a planner but didn’t really fill it up. Because planning miserably fails me. Or, maybe, I miserably fail planning. And since life happens everyday, I think it is the best thing I can talk about. I will be attempting to do some poetry, stories, memorabilia- all in the spirit of writing. Hence, I choose Scraps from Life as my theme for this summer.

Do join me in this month-long journey as I will try to make some customary tattles appear interesting. And who knows, I might just shell out a chapter from your life!

If you are a blogger and wish to be a part of this amazing challenge do click on the logo and sign up!

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