Sonia Dogra

My Unchained Melody

Bury me today. Bury my thoughts And cover them with misty joy. Evade all dark clouds from over my tomb, And carve happiness on my epitaph. Give me wings of Icarus, For the flight of a liberated spirit. Tell my wings to fly me Past unseen horizons. And just when My heart is brimming With …

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Call Me a Soldier

(Penned in the emotional hours of the Kargil War) Make me valiant, Let drops of blood from my veins Fall on the ground below. Canons and bullets, Let them pierce through my flesh. And my soul escape this worthless body. Let my heart tell the profound story Of this battlefield. And my bashful hands help …

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The Celestial

I wish to talk about the ‘celestial’… A cherub, A sunshine, The eighth colour of the rainbow, A smile, A togetherness, A bond, A tomorrow, A promise, A tear, A holding, A forever, A ‘let go’; I wish to talk about the ‘celestial’… Of silent voices, Of listening, Of two pair of feet, Of evening …

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Mom, I Call Ye Sacrifice

It is not easy to let the World know, How much ‘the caring’ can add to life… How well ‘a rainbow’ makes a promise… How much ‘the silence’ can be ‘the turbulence’… It is not easy to let the World know, How much ‘My Mom’ loves me!   Sad days… When I seem to lose …

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