Here’s a fun book I read on my vacation and completely enjoyed it. This isn’t a review but just sharing with my blogger friends a refreshing read.

Book: Combat Skirts

Author: Sahana Ahmed

Genre: Romance (Chick Lit)

Language: English

How was your life at eighteen or nineteen? I can’t say that the memories of those years have been completely wiped off from my mind but honestly, they have rarely paid me a visit. But reading Sahana Ahmed’s ‘Combat Skirts’ which is set in the ‘90s has been like walking down memory lane. The story of eighteen-year-old Saba is like a breath of fresh air (only and only this cliché phrase can define how I feel after reading the book).

What is the book about? Saba Minhas, the protagonist, enrolls in a Law College and stays in an Army Hostel in Calcutta (now Kolkata). The daughter of an Army Officer, the adventures of Saba’s young adult life are centred around her hostel mates (daughters of other army officers), an AWWA shop, Law College, friends and friendships (also the squabbles and fights), an elder sibling (whose adventures are a notch higher), her delicate relationship with her parents and her possible suitors (this bit keeps you on the edge of your seat). Saba is witty, intelligent, talented, loves her family and friends but I wish she was kinder towards herself. Nonetheless, she is an endearing character.

I loved how the plot moved. Since I have the Juggernaut App, I chose to read the ebook. I wish I had gone for the paperback though. Sahana doesn’t get into the intricacies of describing her settings. She invests her words into giving us something humorous, warm, tender, relatable and romantic. She also paints the characters vividly and you form an instant connect with them, as if you’ve seen them around.

The flavour of the book is very young with puzzles and anagrams and riddles and code languages- all reminiscent of college days. If you aren’t quite familiar with pop culture you may find some portions of the book confounding, but they are the ones that give it the happy YA feel.

Finally, what took my heart away is the last part of the book. The plot maneuvers in a fantastically romantic way and is nothing short of a flick on silver screen.

I enjoyed the book thoroughly because in a long, long time I read something with no attached instruction manual, without the (in)essential philosophizing of life, and something that made me believe in love. Yes, love stories are real and Combat Skirts makes one such story a memorable read.

Do I feel like writing something romantic after reading this book? You bet, I do!

Check out the paperback version here, or if you have the Juggernaut App you could read the book there.

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  1. Sounds like a fun read. Deciphering the language of the present Young generation is always enjoyable and adds another dimension to one’s reading.

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