YOUR CREATIVITY MATTERS- This line isn’t my brainchild. Almost a fortnight ago, I attended a poetry workshop. On the day of the graduation this very line formed a part of the valedictory speech and needless to say, it stayed with me. I’ve been wanting to talk about it since then, and what better day than the IWSG Day!

Creativity couldn’t have found a better time to mushroom. Social media is the support it has discovered to twine around. Over the past three years of my creative journey, I’ve met inherent, ingenuine talent in abundance. I’ve also seen it flourish in various forms, take on diversified routes, sometimes make a detour or reach an unidentified destination. In all this, I have known that there is no dearth of it in the world. Some of it catches the eye, some of it stays around for a while and then takes a backseat, sometimes it basks in glory and on other days it simply enjoys anonymity. There are fine days of creating and then there are those dull ones when nothing seems to work right.

Each day, countless words make their way on to paper (now more on electronic devices). Stories, poetry, memoirs, narratives, analyticals- there is a whole gamut of them on social media, in libraries and in book stores.

Have you ever wondered if in this vast universe YOUR words hold any place of relevance? Because I have.

I have found my words gather dust on several occasions. Rather, I mostly find them rotting away. No, that isn’t a writer’s self-doubt. I have seen my comrades seeking readers desperately. My heart has broken on days when a beautiful poem has passed by unnoticed on a Facebook page. But what can one possibly do? People have only as many hours in a day at their disposal as the earth takes to rotate on its axis. There’s also another life which must be taken care of. And so, how much can be read?

Yet, I create. Almost every day. Sometimes on the blog, sometimes on a forsaken page, sometimes for a competition and sometimes only to express myself. This last bit, I believe, adds essence and the much sought-after relevance to dust inflicted words that I speak of.

It is rightly said, ‘Create to express, not to impress.’ It is only in bare, raw expression that my voice becomes the voice of another and my writing bears some sort of semblance to the relevance that I speak of. Whether it be a poem, a piece of art or music, creativity fulfills its purpose by the very process of breathing life into our complex inner selves, by allowing us to manifest our emotions in various forms, tangible enough to be identified with by others.

As writers, we have a tendency to question our own work and its worth in the scheme of things, always pining to be like someone else, relegating our own words to the depths of abyss. Therefore, YOUR CREATIVITY MATTERS, is the panacea I bring to you all for all those days of self-doubt. Time to embrace it!

Remember it every time you begin to wonder, just like me, whether the zillionth word you scribbled has been written before and whether the world will care to read it. Remind yourself that creating in itself is adding value to the world. The Keukenhof is precious, but the world would be incomplete without its dandelions. The dandelion days matter, Your creativity matters!

And now for the optional question- For how long do you shelve your first draft, before reading it and re-drafting? Is this dependent on your writing experience and the number of stories/books under your belt?

My answer: I have yet to take the plunge which I plan to do this November with NaNoWriMo, but as far as my short stories are concerned, I put them aside for a day or two at least before re-drafting. In the meantime, all I do is think about them!

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Happy writing!

21 thoughts on “YOUR CREATIVITY MATTERS (IWSG June 2021)”

  1. Thank you for this reminder that my creativity matters!
    Such a wonderful image popped into my mind when I read your post, of words in various forms: “stories, poetry, memoirs, narratives, analyticals being written every day, on paper/electronic devices” This is because I’ve just started reading the Dictionary Of Lost Words by Pip Williams, who has delved into the archives of the Oxford English Dictionary to tell this highly original story. It’s about about the power of language to elevate or repress.
    Take care and stay safe, Sonia.
    Happy Writing.

  2. “As writers, we have a tendency to question our own work and its worth in the scheme of things, always pining to be like someone else, relegating our own words to the depths of abyss.” – such true words. Thanks for the reminder that our work matters.

  3. Loved reading the post Sonia. Your calm permeates your words and despite the dust gathering that you allude to, your spirit uplifts the reader.
    Hurrah! to the dandelion days, I say.
    “It is only in bare, raw expression that my voice becomes the voice of another…” I’m with you.

  4. This touched every string in my heart. Absolutely your creativity matters .we have to understand and remind ourselves. I have been going through this self doubt myself for sometime ! You have candidly spoken what was there in my heart.

  5. helenmatheyhornbooks

    Wow, the ‘create to express not to impress’ really resonated with me. I’ve had the itch since a small child to want to draw and write and I think that is the crux of the ‘itch’. 🙂 Thanks for giving me something to hang that itch on. 🙂

  6. Love this! It’s such a good reminder (and a timely one for me). Creativity brings the very best of life to ourselves and others. That’s not something to ignore!

  7. So true! I wonder all the time if the world REALLY needs one more horror story or historical mystery! But as you point out, I’m writing it for me, to express myself. Which is why I don’t stress out too much about whether it ever gets published. BTW, the field of dandelions is quite lovely.

  8. Hi,
    Creativity does matter. You never know when at the right moment people will stumble across your article, or your short story, or flash fiction, and it changes their lives or their perspectives about living. As writing artists we all want someone to read and like what we write, but sometimes that is unrealistic because we put a demand upon the readers that they can’t give. We seek their affirmation when really the affirmation that we seek can only be found within us.

    Wishing you a lovely month of June. Take care.
    Shalom aleichem

  9. Hi Sonia! I’m sure most writers think at times – why does the universe need another story? – all part of the self doubt. But each of us are unique with our own stories, so I hope each of us can value our words. Yes, creativity matters!

  10. Love that line ‘Create to express, not to impress.’ So true, often times you can lose your voice and what you’re trying to say when you lose site of that.

  11. Good luck with NaNo this year!

    Shannon @ The Warrior Muse (the only WordPress account I have is for my podcast, not my blog) thewarriormuse [dot] com

  12. What an encouraging post and so beautifully written! I liked what you said about creating to express, not impress. In my early days on this writing journey, I wrote a book just because I thought it would impress agents/editors, but I wasn’t passionate about the idea. A terrible mistake.
    Now I’m writing a book I’m not sure will “fit into the market.” but it is a story I’m passionate about. But since we can’t control how our books do in the market anyway, it’s much better to spend your time writing about what makes you happy/what you feel strongly about.

  13. I don’t think my creativity matters much, more for me than for anyone else anyway. But every time I get a comment saying that my words, my story affected someone, made them laugh, made them think, it is a validation of sorts. My words mattered to someone enough to write back. It makes me happy.

  14. So aptly said. Creativity matters. But it hurts when your post doesn’t quite garner the attention that you expect it to. It’s very easy to start doubting ourselves then. Start wondering if our words and posts make any difference in this world. You’re right. We should write to express, not impress and we should keep at it for creativity is all that matters. Beautiful post. I loved it 😍

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