From the Days of Rajni

One from the archives. This piece found a place in the HER WORLD section of THE TRIBUNE published on August 26, 2001. One of my very early and raw pieces, it came much before the advent of the #MeToo movement and similar stuff. It can also be accessed on  www.tribuneindia/days of Rajni Not that I ever …

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Welcome to ‘A Hundred Quills’. The title of my blog will probably intrigue you and I do plan to keep the suspense for a while. But for now, all I can say is that my blog may have a new name and a new address but I’m not really new to the process. I have …

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An Epitaph Reads

An onerous soul dwells within, When autumn is pass and winter sets in, Introspecting I count my sins. Years seem a colossal mistake I lie, a lifeless body, a soul awake. But I have lived in inferno and it is too late. “Ah! Wither Faustus, Your soul can never be saved.”


The colours of life Unknown. Vintage, spring, a plethora grown. Hues and shades Brightness galore, The colours of life Yet unknown. Subtle dark A sunset glow, Ceaselessly, moments flow. Bliss and Erebus in a row, The colours of life Forever unknown.

A Dead Poet’s Woes

I am a dead poet and I am scared. Down below there, I see a panel of some learned friends and foes. In their minds they hold a few tools some called ‘literary device’. My verses on the table lie, They cut and pierce and wound and then lay my words to rest. Rip me …

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Faith and I- A Journey

All is black and dark and lost, I walk upon a dusty road, Traverse some paths completely unknown. I see a sea of humanity and hues of scarlet red, Encounter upon a bereaved mount- Shades of grey, The wrath of Gods, No silver lining Just fury and sound.   My faith and I we carry …

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Through the Years

Man builds. Announcing each with bells and conch shells. And celebrates as if there is no beyond. Makes a heap Of all those ‘ties’. His life a pantheon where resides every other, a star in Galaxy “unknown” with a nomenclature- some bond called relation.   Rosy hues don’t stay that long. Life comes home to …

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