NaPoWriMo Day 13, Alphabet L

It’s already Day Thirteen at NaPoWriMo. The optional prompt is here.

Today, in honor of the potential luckiness of the number 13, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that, like the example poem here, joyfully states that “Everything is Going to Be Amazing.” Sometimes, good fortune can seem impossibly distant, but even if you can’t drum up the enthusiasm to write yourself a riotous pep-talk, perhaps you can muse on the possibility of good things coming down the track. As they say, “the sun will come up tomorrow,” and if nothing else, this world offers us the persistent possibility of surprise.

I could’ve gone on and on with this prompt. There are so many promising things in nature and in life. I’m talking about LIfe & Luck here. More than luck, I think it’s the belief that a new sun will rise that keeps us all going. Hope you enjoy this.


Our springs aren’t over, darling

Bloom is on its way

We’ll wake up to the mellow sun

to warm our hands, some day

I’ll open the windows, dear

A little light will dance on the sill

The lilting song of rain

will carry us up the hill

The sails of our ships will unfurl

yet again

and take us beyond strange lands

Etching our precious memories

on their golden sands

Peals and peals of laughter will echo

around the house

Adding a dash of extra to our ordinary


We’ll push up through the murky waters

Like pond lotuses floating about

And open our petals one by one

to a morning of delight

For now, darling, let us enjoy

the gentle falling of ruthless snow

Allow a twinge of colder joys to silently


For I promise they will turn into

stories from long ago


Our springs aren’t over darling

Bloom is on its way

We’ll wake up to the mellow sun

to warm our hands, some day.

I am happy to share the blog of friend and poet Arti Jain, who was the featured poet at NaPoWriMo for her poems on jewellery. Please visit My Ordinary Moments for some beautiful poetry. Congratulations to Arti!

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23 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 13, Alphabet L”

  1. Today after about 15 days of official announcement of Spring which happens to be on March21st, we had a fine Spring weather! Till then the Siberian cold wave had overshadowed it. It made the wait for the balmy Sun appear like eternity and nerve wrecking. It was the hope that prevailed in my heart that no winter lasts long and no spring skips its turn.
    I could relate to every punctuation mark, every word in your poem Sonia. “Happy days are here again” finally for us!

  2. I am reading this post, early in the morning and such a beautiful and positive poem to begin my day. Thank you for spreading so much positivity and hope through this poem. It indeed made my day.

  3. Loved your poem Sonia. In fact, I think it’ll work well as a song–could hear a guitar strumming to the mellow tune of your sunny song.

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