Tinted Glasses

Image: Unsplash

I see the green of jealousy
walk into the room surreptitiously,
glinting malevolence rumbles her insides;
wary and leery I steal away,
to bump into a melancholic grey.

‘Hello there!’ it smiles wistfully
‘I’m called melancholy!’
Long alleys of despondency writ on its face,
a phantasm of drudgery
methinks has overstayed.

So, I move on to yet another avenue,
to be ushered in by a serene and quiet blue.
Sitting gingerly atop a snowy mountain,
like a buoyant cloud dappled with silence,
it trickles like Zen.

That’s when I squint to catch a glimpse
of a spunk and fiery red;
the eager-beaver, I tell you, isn’t here to rest.
It dances with rapture and wheedles its way,
‘lub-dub-lub-dub’ crooning away!

I also sift from the rubble of cliché
incandescent yellows and orange glows,
piggytails in pink, affluence in mink
Satan in black and purgation in white;
pigeonholed dulls, labelled brights!

Blinkers I wear, blinkers I receive,
when through tinted glasses this world I perceive.

-Sonia Dogra

{This poem was written as part of a prompt on Poetry Parlour at ArtoonsInn}

10 Comments on “Tinted Glasses

  1. Loved this article. This was indeed a wonderful piece of poetry. I love the work that you are doing on your blog, and hence, I have nominated you for “The Vincent Ehindero Blogger” award. I would love to see you participate. For more details, you can check out the recent post of my blog. 🙂

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