Rusty and Me

It’s almost midnight.

I have a new picture

as my facebook profile.

On my lap

lies a story

from ‘Potpourri‘.

Ruskin is Rusty

in ‘Love and Cricket’

where he meets his beloved Sushila

after more than a decade.

The notifications on the mobile disturb

their conversations of subtle love.

Rusty is glad

but Sushila looks sad,

There’s a non-stop buzz

The phone is such a fuss!

I wonder

would Rusty have been Ruskin

had love survived?

He tells me…

‘As someone better he may have thrived!’

He mounts on his bicycle to leave

as I close the book and read

a poem about love

in my facebook feed.

The notifications go on

but my mind is on Rusty

and I must pen a verse

about Sushila and he.

The last piece I wrote

fetched little likes and very few remarks,

But the poet must always

write despite flaks.

The rhyme is done

and now that the composition is there,

Finally for the notifications

I do care!

The profile picture has

over two hundred likes

Sixty comments in an hour

and several smiles.

I check back on Rusty and Me…

Unlike the picture

The poem lies quiet, slighted and unnoticed

in an unknown vicinity.

@Sonia Dogra

(All rights reserved)

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