Politics and Tea

The scholarly commoners
glibly discussed politics
The course and recourse
of History
Their insights
Several wrongs and a right!
What shall become
and who shall be
They spoke at length
over cups of tea.
They lambasted statesmen
and hailed democracy
Chartered a plan
for the warring parties to see.
Some wrote prose and others poetry
The verbose meant
for politicians to read.
More pots of tea
simmered and boiled
As each passed a memorandum
he thought most worthwhile.
Some disagreed
and even had a clash of sorts
For politics, you see, isn’t the best of sports!
The others pulled them apart
to ensure they depart.
They said, to each his own
For the sins of their beloved leaders
they must atone.

In the House of Commons
The politicos pulled the string,
and an unimaginable twist
to the tale they did they bring.
Coming together for pelf and power
They laughed at the scholarly commoners
who stood divided by politics in that worthless hour!

@Sonia Dogra

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5 thoughts on “Politics and Tea”

    1. Thanks Liz. I’m so glad you mentioned and noticed the reference to pots of tea. That was deliberate. The rhyme scheme too. Somebody mentioned to me that Auden said that even in free verse metre matters. Im just trying to work better at these things.

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