Yellow Stains

There were some yellow stains on his shirt.
She couldn’t get them away,
The detergent didn’t help much
She tried, anyway.

“They” saw the yellow stains,
Nothing could be worse!
His “honour” was at stake
Couldn’t she have rubbed enough?

Those yellow stains would stay
As long as she chose her way,
With her life invested in office files
Blotches would forever stay.

Yellow stains are irresponsible
Exhibit her promiscuous ways,
Those appraisals, day after day, hardly mean a thing
Until she gets those stains away!

And so “they” hang the yellow stains
On the top most shelf, along with her appreciation card,
So that the next time when you walk into her house
You don’t miss
The Yellow Stains.

4 thoughts on “Yellow Stains”

  1. women are still supposed to be removing stains to maintain the honor, except many have started asking for better detergents, machines and men

    1. Yes. The sad truth is that even today the real worth of women is counted by their achievement in the home front. All else is only considered time pass.

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