Our Kitchens Are Lonely Spaces… Muse of the Month

Hello everyone! How are you all holding up? Things in India are grim and being in Delhi at the moment is like sitting on a ticking time bomb. The second wave of Corona Virus has hit us hard and the only way to be safe is to stay home. Several people and organizations have come …

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THE KALI PROJECT is published!

Dear readers, It gives me great pleasure to announce that two of my poems titled ‘Women Who Read Break Families’ and ‘The Dance of Rebellion’ are part of the wonderful ‘The Kali Project’ by Indie Blue Publishing. The links for the book are given below. Please support this powerful work by Indian women poets. CONGRATULATIONS …

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तो क्या मिल जाते हैं चुप रहने वाली औरतों को सौ सुख?

कहते हैं वो घर सुखी होते हैंजहां औरतें कम बोलती हैं,उनकी चुप्पी की बुनियादपर खड़े होते हैंखुशियों के शीश महल, भर जाती हैं उनकी झोलियाँहज़ारों सुखों से।एक चुप परवो कहते हैं नासौ सुख वारते हैं…और ताउम्र की चुप्पी पर? गुज़र जाती हैउनकी ज़िंदगीसिर्फ एक उसूल पर,वो जानती हैंबोलने के गुनाहों केमाफीनामे नही बनते। कटघरे बनते …

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Muse of the Month

Friends, after trying hard for one long year to find a place in Muse of the Month, a monthly short story writing contest held by Women’s Web, here is my story “Sister Stranger Saviour” that makes it to the annual anthology. Woven around a prompt from Amanda Lovelace’s poem, do read it here. Sister, Stranger, …

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A World Within Her!

She was seven when she walked into the twenty-two yards. The hefty bat at variance with her petite frame. They traded the sport with a coy doll and told her that it wasn’t meant for her at all.   A girl who loved numbers wasn’t a norm you see, So, she was happily married to …

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Yellow Stains

There were some yellow stains on his shirt. She couldn’t get them away, The detergent didn’t help much She tried, anyway. “They” saw the yellow stains, Nothing could be worse! His “honour” was at stake Couldn’t she have rubbed enough? Those yellow stains would stay As long as she chose her way, With her life …

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