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Hello friends!

PS: I have also been recently nominated for the award once again, by Virtual Syahi ( Priyanka is a versatile blogger and her beautiful thoughts may be read here. I will be answering the questions asked by her as well. Thank you Priyanka for mentioning the blog. Hope you enjoy my answers!)

The Sun shines upon us each day so that we may soak in its warmth and bask in its love. I love the sprinkle of the Sun’s rays every morning as they bring along energy, vitality and new beginnings. So, definitely I do identify with The Sunshine Blogger Award.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that brings joy and encouragement.

I have been nominated by my dear friend and an amazing blogger Shruti Mehta. Thank you Shruti for finding A Hundred Quills worthy of your mention. I have always enjoyed visiting your blog. You can all check it out here.

Shruti, I’m here most of all to honour your nomination and acknowledge your wonderful love for my writing.

Here are my answers to the questions put forward by Shruti.

  • Tea or Coffee?

Coffee and me, inseparable we be!


  • Early bird or night owl?

Always an “Early Bird”. That’s when my pen does all the talking.


  • Practical or theoretical?

I’d say a “die hard romantic”- now and always.


  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Let Go!


  • What really makes you angry?

Not angry, but upset- yes. Extremism in any form. Having fixed opinion.

  • If you could start your life all over again, what would you do differently?

Get married differently maybe… without all the extravaganza.

  • What was the single best realisation, you have ever had?

That it shall all pass!

  • Which book has influenced you the most?

This one is very hard. But I think I would pick Ibsen’s play, “A Doll’s House”. It is closest to my heart. For personal reasons too.

  • Do you believe in luck? Why?

I believe in unseen forces. You may call it luck. I don’t know. Because how else would you explain a whole lot of things that happen without being based in science or logic.

  • What’s next on your bucket list?

Could I say- A book!

  • Favourite quote?

This is tough too. But let me quote from Kipling’s poem, in the true blogger’s spirit,

‘If you can dream- and not make dreams your master;

If you can think- and not make thoughts your aim;

If you can meet with triumph and disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same…’

To the questions posed by Priyanka, here I go:

  • Tea or coffee? 
  • Coffee coffee all the way!
  • Book or an ebook? 
  • I love the smell of a book, so you know what!
  • Facebook or Instagram and why? 
  • Facebook. Easier to share links!!
  • Favorite book? 
  • As I said, Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” will always be my favourite.
  • Favorite Quote? 
  • Let me give a new one to you: Great things take time!
  • Life lesson learned?
  • Never stop learning.
  • All-time favorite movie?
  • So many of them, but let me choose Masoom by Shekhar Kapur
  • One thing you could change, it would be? 
  • THINK BIG- Global Warming!
  • Your biggest aim or dream? 
  • To do better than aim-less (haha!)
  • Your message to the world? 
  • Oops! Laugh a lot more.
  • What inspires you the most? 
  • Courage and conviction.



Here are my nominations for the Sunshine Blogger’s Award

  • Susan @ (We formed a great friendship and I really admire her conversational blog. Awesome poetry! Do check it out, folks!)
  • Radhika Acharya @ Radhika’s Diaries (She has a funny bone, no, several of them and you must go visit her)
  • Moushmi Radhanpara @ Aesthetic Miradh (Amazing poetry and a lot of honest, critical review of life. If you wish to think deep, go here.)
  • ESP @ ESP rambles (I discovered him recently. He is witty, not easily intelligible and you can’t put him down before you reach the end of his pieces.)
  • Rashmi @ Wild@Heart (She has a touching collection of Hindi poems that strike an instant chord)
  • Meena @ Balcony Sunrise (Meena made me fall in love with cinema. Her simple, yet interesting recollection of movies were an absolute joy to read!)
  • Isha @Ishaspire (This girl can bring to life some seemingly mundane routines such as having tea from a roadside vendor!)
  • Chicky @Miss_Teerious  (Chicky is awesome. Her research is fantastic and she brings about the most innovative topics on planet earth. She is a patient blogger, doesn’t give you hurried up stuff and an equally patient reader).
  • Sonia Chatterjee @ soniasmusings (Fun, personal, one with instant connection writings, Sonia ensures her personal stories have mass appeal.)
  • Shantanu Baruah @ Ckonfab (He ensures that he gives you something to ponder upon every single day. His poetry is something to watch out for).
  • Frank Solanki @The Reluctant Poet (I don’t even know if he will respond to this post. He isn’t at all reluctant in his poems. I do not have enough adjectives to describe his poetry. He is immensely talented).

Hey people, please ignore if you have been already nominated. Do suit your convenience under all circumstances. I just want you to know that I love what you write, hence your name is up there!


My questions to you are here. I tried to keep them simple so that you don’t have to reveal much about yourself, quick to save your time and mostly related to blogging! (ESP do note).

  1. Blogger or writer
  2. Reading or writing
  3. Popular or Heart’s Desire
  4. Politically correct or opinionated
  5. Hills or the waters
  6. Random thoughts or research writing
  7. Wanderer or Wonderer
  8. Saturday or Sunday- preferred weekend post day
  9. Favourite genre- both reading and writing
  10. Pen-paper or Keypad
  11. Awards or No Awards (ha!ha! caught you!!!)


Here are the rules for my nominated friends.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display sunshine blogger award in your post/ on your blog.
  5. Notify nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.

Hope you have fun doing this. You have a fan in me. Keep rising, Keep Shining- just like the “Sun”shine Blogger Award!!!

(PS: Hey, Shruti! Hope I’ve done it alright!)



15 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

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  2. Hey thanks so much for considering me for the nominations. Deep thinker, now am I? Oh, you were very generous with your description about me.
    I have loved reading your answers. And yes, coffee and me are inseparable too.
    I will definitely try my next post to make this one!!

  3. Thanks Sonia so much for the nomination, I feel like sunshine 🙂
    Great answers, loved them all and I am going to check out Doll’s house, and other bloggers in the list.
    Also, thanks for taking me into consideration while framing questions 😀 Can I answer the questions here?

      1. ok here goes..
        Blogger or writer : rambler, for now
        Reading or writing : reading
        Popular or Heart’s Desire : popular
        Politically correct or opinionated : opinionated, but too many opinions
        Hills or the waters : hills
        Random thoughts or research writing : random, but trying to research
        Wanderer or Wonderer : wanderer
        Saturday or Sunday- preferred weekend post day : sunday, nights!
        Favourite genre- both reading and writing : fiction, anything and everything
        Pen-paper or Keypad : phone
        Awards or No Awards (ha!ha! caught you!!!) : hehe you are sweet!

  4. That’s so thoughtful of you dear. Loved reading your answers and as always could establish a connectivity. Thanks a lot for the nomination ❤

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