Like an old habit that dies hard

Yesterday hangs on.

Standing in the doorway

It tugs at my heartstrings.

Spins a pale green yarn

to keep me snug

when winter sets in.

Dissolves like saccharin

in a cup of sugarless tea,

and tempts me with its simplicity.

Pulls out half a poem

written in spring

and brings a memory

flooding in.

Lyrics strewn on paper

on the last day of school,

Notes lying in files

written on Shakespeare’s fools!

They play a song on FM

that ferries me back in time,

I have a tale to sing along

about how I earned my first dime.

It may have been a task as hard as it could be

But today my yesterday is just a sweet memory.

It will always warm the cockles of my heart

no matter how far,

And keep coming back to me

because I choose to leave its box ajar.

Today is forever a knotty tale

that makes me fret a while,

And until it turns into yesterday

I may never find it worthwhile.



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16 thoughts on “Yesterday”

  1. Lovely! April 2019 will make for some very pleasant “yesterdays” in times to come. I sure will look back on this month with find memories. 🙂

  2. No words! Your poetry skills are also amazing! Let’s fill our today with delightful memories so that today would be grateful to turn into yesterday!

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