The Lady with the most Unkempt Hair

Hey! You…

The lady with the most unkempt hair

Did you just brush off layers

from those medallions up there?

I’m talking to you….

My lady…with the most unkempt hair.

Can you put aside

your ladle for a little while

and lend me an ear…

A stolen moment…

What? Don’t tell me now

that the maid is already there!

I hope you read through

your citations too!

How long have they been up there?

I guess, a year or two…

Fifteen years! Is that what you said?

Oh, yes! I do hear the doorbell ring

But I need to know

how a dancer clipped her wings??

Let the boss’s mail rest in the box a while

And put aside your chat box

It’s only vile

You can let the curry be

Just sit down and answer me…

Oh! The grocery can do alright

But those honours up there

Hope they’re within your sight

Even if you didn’t do the laundry

I’d know you care…

O my beautiful one with the most unkempt hair…

Believe me,

I know the bills must be paid

Home works finished

and dinners made.

I know the piles

of those office files

and phone bells and lullabies. …

Those prizes will gather some dust again

But before you mop your laurels up there

Be sure you know

what’s tougher dear

To win a dime

or wipe off the grime.


Don’t turn off the lights,

Lend me an ear

O lady with the most unkempt hair!!!

9 thoughts on “The Lady with the most Unkempt Hair”

  1. This is mesmerizing. Simply put, you conveyed so much in between the lines that I couldn’t help reading it twice. Ah ! what a lovely piece and the most enjoyable part is the powerful yet subtle narration of the challenges faced and showcased care and concern at the same time.

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