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Dear Readers

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all the worldwide release of Write in Power – An Anthology of the Personal and the Political put together by The Hidden Pen Collective. I am proud to have contributed a poem titled “The Devi has Arrived” to the collection, which has emerged out of a childhood experience.

The Hidden Pen Collective seeks to amplify the writings from the margins imposed by religion, race, caste, class, gender and sexuality in  South Asia. For aeons, our stories have been set aside, our voices have been silenced, and we find in the 21st century that we are still struggling to be heard. With Write in Power, a compelling anthology of fictional and non-fictional prose, poems, and art, we present the writings of twenty-four writers and artists from across the spectrum of human experience.

All proceeds from the sales of Write in Power will go directly to the Haadibadi Community library, which is operated by a not-for-profit trust, working  toward the education of marginalised children in Bangalore. Additionally, the Haadibadi community library provides free, safe, and unrestricted access to books, learning, and fun activities for children from the under-served communities of native and migrant workers.

I am sharing with you all the powerful cover of this anthology with the names of its twenty-four contributors and the Editorial Team as well as the purchase links. You will certainly find this book a great immersive experience and your love will transfer into books for children from under-served communities.

Please click on the following links to purchase.

Colour Print:

B&W Print:

Ebook (PDF):

I hope the book will receive all your love!

6 thoughts on “Published – Write in Power (The Hidden Pen Collective)”

  1. Congratulations, Sonia, and to the other writers in the anthology. What is the cost in US dollars? Will it be available at amazon or other sites?

    1. Thank you so much Jade for your interest in the book. Means a lot. The book will not be available on Amazon. But both print copy and ebook can be purchased from the US. No issues with that. If you would like the ebook it should be around 4 USD approximately. The ebook can be purchased from the following link,
      Once you enter your US card number in the payment gateway, it does the conversion automatically.
      Thank you once again. I hope you are able to get the book and enjoy reading it.

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