IGNITE poems

Hello friends

As you all know, I was part of a week long online exhibition titled ‘

The Poets and Artists

IGNITE-from within the confines-‘ curated by Deepa Gopal. I was paired with artist Ahlam Abbas from Lebanon and I composed poems for her transcendental art pieces.

Here is a teaser of my featured poem IGNITE.

silence sat gingerly

drinking from a cup of tea

lingering on the kitchen table

frittering its flavour gradually

routines lay waste

as the wall clock in haste

emptied time in a trash of screens

blaming embrace for desires unchaste

flustered by inflated viruses

i sought colours of lost irises

gathered in a Rubik’s cube

roads outside growing mournful cypresses*

{You can listen to the complete poem and enjoy Ahlam’s art pieces by clicking on the following YouTube video link.}

However, my favourite composition was ‘WHICH OF THESE WILL LAST?’

Here is a teaser of the poem for you,

Which of these will last? I ask

Love, cooped up in pigeonholes

spent in sweeping sprees

in baking and making spaghettis.

Couple games played past midnight

breathing down the other’s neck

each second in time.

Which of these will last? I ask

Love, across masked screens

brooding over lonely cups of coffee,

Holding the gaze to look at that face

facetiously holding back the desire to touch,

on the other side of the touchscreen

Missing the fine fragrance, the body odour

that lingers on after a long embrace.

To read the complete poem and everything about me, visit the following link,


I hope you find this endeavor interesting. Do visit the other poets/artists there. It’s a trove of art and poetry that you are sure to cherish.

Thank you for stopping by!

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