You Are Enough

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Here is a little piece I wrote on Medium.

My paternal aunt loved to dress up. Short and chunky, she carried her bronzed skin tone and fuller body with much panache. Although fond of rich, bright and vibrant colours, I often found her in neutral shades like grey or ivory or beige…

What makes us seek validation? How does it affect us? Click on the link below to read my views. Drop in a comment so that I know what you feel about it!

“Untitled” by Sonia Dogra

6 thoughts on “You Are Enough”

  1. A topic to fill the mind with useful information. You have introduced us to a new app by the way. Thanks for everything mindfulness motivation and new application ✨🤗 Have a wonderful week ahead Sonia✨✍️

  2. In the age of social media, there’s a tendency to develop FOMO and feel disheartened by the lack of likes, comments and all. We need mindfulness, the ability to let go off things that don’t matter in the longer run. We should live lives to pleasure ourselves, not the society!

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