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You Are Enough

Here is a little piece I wrote on Medium. My paternal aunt loved to dress up. Short and chunky, she carried her bronzed skin tone and fuller body with much panache. Although fond of rich, bright and vibrant colours, I often found her in… Continue Reading “You Are Enough”

Pink Pyjamas

This story dates back to the year 2015. Not very long ago, you see. I had a new neighbour from some part of another metro, who had just moved in. Now before I go on to introduce her, let me throw some light on… Continue Reading “Pink Pyjamas”

Forever Young

Dearest Mamma I write to you to talk of your untold and invisible loads, that I think, heavily weigh you down. Sometimes I wish I could carry them for you. In those moments I rush to give you a hug, but mostly I feel… Continue Reading “Forever Young”

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