Book Review- Ebook Carnival (Marvellous Rhymes by Jyotsna Atre)


‘Marvellous Rhymes for children about the Wild’ by Jyotsna Atre is a trove of beautiful rhymes coupled with colourful illustrations. As the title suggests, the poems are all about wildlife.

About the Author

Jyotsna Atre isn’t new to the world of writing. Some years ago, her retelling of the tales of Tenali Raman had been published in two volumes. Her stories for children have won awards on several platforms. Professionally she is an instructional designer and creates learning content for children. She has also been conducting cyber safety workshops for them.

We now know why a book for children!

About the Book

The book cover is bright without being flashy and draws you in instantly. You immediately know what to expect. The writer doesn’t waste much time in extraneous monologues or prefaces. She knows exactly what attracts children and almost immediately splashes a palette of colours along with simple rhythms, illustrations and loads of information.

You would think the poems are on the lines of jolly phonics, but I tell you they definitely do better than them. For an age group ranging from 8 to 11-year-old, the poems are ready for an immediate session of recitation.

Consider this,

Now it’s green,

And suddenly it turns brown,

A bright blue next,

To match the colours around!

Changing colours

To blend in with its habitat,

That’s what a chameleon

Is really, really good at.

From spiders to eels and deadly dinosaurs

This book I tell you has it all!

Not just this, there’s lots and lots to know

About Impalas, penguins and kangaroos. (Oops! Did I just create a rhyme?)

Well yes, the variety of animals covered in the book is vast. The author couples the rhymes with unknown facts, fun information, rib-tickling dialogue and Morse codes! Have a look at another one,

Hoo. Hoo. Hoo-hoo-hoo

Hahahaha. Hee-Hee-Hee!

See that helmeted hornbill,

Laughing maniacally.


Is that a Morse code it’s tapping,

So loudly against the tree hollow,

With its huge wings flapping?

With dialogue boxes popping up with additional information, the book splendidly showcases the concept of fun learning. A winning combination, isn’t it?

The writer’s verse is a match to the presentation and the well-placed facts. In fact, it is several notches higher. The command over language is exceptional and use of simple, child-friendly words works in favour of the book.

‘Marvellous Rhymes’ is magical with the pictures, font and layout perfectly complementing the verses. It is a ready book looking for a publisher. Or rather, it is the kind of book a publisher would be looking for!

Did I miss something?

Well, I would have loved to know a little more about the writer and so would the reader. Of course, I had the option of speaking with her to get all the information but the reader is likely to feel disappointed on that front.

Concluding Remarks

All in all, an abundant treasure on wildlife in a most loveable form. Highly recommended.

To download the book for free, click on the link given below. It is free for download for a limited period of time.

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