A to Z Challenge 2020- Reflections

April 2020 was unusual. The A to Z Challenge, one of the biggest for the blogging world, commenced in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Life in the time of this pandemic has been anything but a bed of roses. Uncommon, atypical circumstances have marred everyday living. Yes, some of us around the world have been better equipped to deal with this new life but only ‘better’. There is no one who is not vulnerable…much more than before.

Well, despite all odds, the blogging community came together to brave it out by writing once again with Arlee Bird and Richa Singh coming to their rescue. Gratitude to both. As everyone else, I decided to take the plunge too.


The chosen theme was more of a coincidence than a choice. Poetry and history, both are bae. I was mostly dilly dallying between the two. Different poetic forms definitely were one up, but on and off history would reappear and cry hoarse betrayal. It was hard to choose, so I decided to take both of them along in this journey.

It wasn’t an easy task. I started work around the 20th of March and by the end of the month I had roughly seven posts ready. Enough to add that dash of confidence. If there is someone, I must express gratitude to, for the innumerable ideas, it has to be my son who I feel has the soul of a historian and a litterateur but who himself believes that he is a man of science and reason. Most of my posts emerged out of stories narrated by him and further researched by me. Another man who I must thank is Phil Mason for his book Napoleon’s Hemorrhoid’s and Other Small Events that Changed History. My pieces were much influenced by this book. Finally, my husband who was the first reader and critic of every single post. Parents, they say, can’t get enough of their children. Thanks to my parents and sister who shared each post of mine relentlessly and over and over again… sometimes without even realizing it!

Some of my poems revolved around women from history and they were much appreciated. I was even asked if I have deep interest in stories of women and whether I specifically look for tales of courage. Maybe. It’s hard to say. I don’t think I looked for something specific, but when I found one, I had this urge to tell it to the world.


Looking back at the A to Z Challenge 2020, I feel thankful and glad. Thankful that I was able to complete the challenge, for all the love received by the blog and for the fellow bloggers who I hope to meet again and again in this virtual space. I discovered some amazing talent, beautiful writing pieces and added tons of data to my storehouse of information. I will most likely be assembling the posts in the form of an ebook under Blogchatter’s Book Carnival. I hope to receive your support in that venture.

Three cheers for the blogging community and these amazing bloggers. Do check out their blogs and show some love!

Thank you. Love and safety to all!

I proudly display my survivor badge here, the second one in a row! Yaayyy!!!

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46 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2020- Reflections”

  1. Sonia, thank you for including me in your list. The idea of turning your A2Z into an ebook is a great idea! I’m glad to have met your through this challenge and look forward to reading more on your blog.

  2. Congrats on making to the finish line two years in a row. I came too close to not finishing this year but even with all the pressures, we are living under I was able to rally through.
    I wrote Lyrical Poetry for the month, way out of my comfort zone. I am going to check out the blogs I’ve missed, such as yours.

    Tale Spinning

  3. A job well done Sonia!! Congratulations on completing the challenge and it wasn’t an easy one. History needs a lot of research and you had to verse it on top of that!!! 🙂 🙂
    Every single post was a gem. I’m proud of you.
    Good luck!

  4. Thank you so much. History has never been so interesting before. Congratulations on completion of the challenge. You are the second person I m reading -who mentions about Blog chatter in reflections. Now will go around to check whats in store there.

  5. Thank you so much Sonia, for the mention. Means a lot! Heartiest congratulations to you. I so loved your interesting history pieces, some known and many unknown to so many. Your posts were refreshingly thought-provoking and I so used to keep waiting for them. Awaiting many more from your treasure! Best Wishes!

  6. I was an ardent follower of your history series. They stimulate interest in history. I’m particularly fond of the out-of-the-usual kind of history which you brought us in poetic ways.

  7. Your posts were amazing. A very interesting and unique concept. But I missed out on it after few letters.
    Will check them soon. It was wonderful to read them.
    Congratulations on completion of this challenge.

  8. Yours was one of the best for this month, if you ask me. Definitely one the toughest. Definitely make it into an ebook

  9. I enjoyed your reflection on the A-Z challenge, which provides a different perspective on the posts I’ve been following. Congratulations on how well-received they were. And thanks for mention!

  10. Navita Bhatia

    Glad to come across you during this challenge. Thanks for the mention Sonia. Looking forward to your e book. Best wishes😊

  11. Applause and more
    for not letting History feel sore
    and bringing her along
    to where she belongs
    Cheers Sonia
    for a fab series
    hope to be back for more:)

  12. Congratulations!! And all the best wishes for the E-book… a good reflection post😀 Thank you for taking us to a histor-ical journey with 26 posts and getting to know many female warriors were suprisingly good. Looking forward to read more of your posts. Take care and keep in touch 🙂

  13. Congratulations and thankyou for such an enriching travel through history! I’m very very glad to have found your series. All the best with your ebook, and thanks for the mention!

  14. Congratulations are in order. Your son seems to be on his way to be a polymath. Cheers to the guy!

    Best wishes for the eBook. Thank you for mentioning me here, even though you’ve given a South Indian twist to the name. 🙂

  15. Congratulations on completing the journey and for deciding to go ahead with the ebook. I’m just a ping away for any help that you need. I have tagged you in every post and video related to some practical tips on how to go about publishing the book. Best wishes and looking forward to your book launch.

  16. Congratulations on completing this A2Z challenge✨💐 It was a wonderful journey of 26 days… All the best for your ebook! ✨💐

  17. I loved all of your posts. And do convey my sincere regards to your son and your husband for all the help that they have extended to you. I’m looking forward to that e-book. Thanks a lot for that shout-out. ♥️

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