My Friend Alexa, Season 4- Reflection Post


The My Friend Alexa campaign, Season 4, was conducted by Blogchatter in September, 2019. Being a newbie blogger, I have just been trying to find my feet in the blogging world. After a rather slow start, I had participated in Blogchatter’s A to Z Challenge 2019, which was conducted in April this year. For both these challenges, I just about managed to jump in at the nick of time, without really knowing what they were all about. Or rather, I should say, I was kind of lost during A to Z. But I found plenty of blogger friends who helped me sail through and were kind enough to come and read me over and over again.

When Alexa was happening, I was slightly more aware of the protocols, though not in entirety. Nonetheless, once again, many bloggers came to my rescue, as did the Blogchatter team. I don’t think I was looking towards my Alexa ranking, for I am still an amateur learning to swim. But I was surely looking forward to being part of a great community, finding like-minded people, reading them and finding readers for my blog. MY FRIEND ALEXA helped me do all of that…and more.

Here are my takeaways from My Friend Alexa, Season 4

  1. I found my place in the Blogging Community.
  2. Blogging during September was certainly more disciplined for me, thanks to My Friend Alexa. At the same time, I learnt to value the importance of a routine in my writing.
  3. The Friday evening sessions on Facebook were a major takeaway as I became aware of the norms of blogging; learnt valid lessons from experienced bloggers; understood the basics of SEO and garnered important lessons on how to maintain an influential blog.
  4. I have in my kitty today, some essential blogger friends, whose experience, I am sure will add epochs to my journey.
  5. For almost three months, I had been wanting to work on a series covering the history of my town, in a not-so historical way. However, something was holding me back. When I chanced upon Alexa, I knew what I wanted to write about, and the campaign provided just the right platform to me.
  6. Did I find more followers on the blog and on twitter? YES,YES,YES!!!
  7. At the end of the day, do I know what blog stats mean and how to maintain them? Yes, I do.
  8. Finally, last evening I did go around to check my Alexa Ranking. And here it is…


Global Rank: 3,96,519

Reach: 4,33,800

Country Rank: 18,510

Change: -27,28,288

You can check your rank here.

  1. I must add here, that I had no rank to show when I started! The change has been tremendous and all thanks to #MyFriendAlexa and #Blogchatter
  2. You may read the eight blogs penned by me here or at the Blogchatter linky where you will also find some other amazing blogs.


I do plan to return for Season 5 next year and I hope that new bloggers who wish to join the campaign can find motivation in my reflection post!

Thank you for reading and for being on the blog!


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