A World Within Her!

She was seven

when she walked into

the twenty-two yards.

The hefty bat

at variance with her petite frame.

They traded the sport

with a coy doll

and told her that it wasn’t meant for her at all.


A girl who loved numbers

wasn’t a norm you see,

So, she was happily married

to dance, music and stories.

She admitted how she loved machines

and they handed her one

to “sew” her dreams!


That streak of adventure

is a guy’s thing “silly”

She was told to rest her escapades

and find something easy.

They brought her an easel

to paint the sky around,

But flying was for the daring

boys of the town.


A little girl loved cars

and wanted to simply vroom on the streets,

They were already judging

and nudging

her friends who sat behind the wheel,

They parried her desire

and told her that women were bad drivers.


And thus, goes the story

of making women believe

that they never have enough

of what you actually need.

But just as dust begins to

settle on their dreams,

around the corner

they can spot some greens.


With tales of valour

She spins her name

Mithali, Amelia and Ada Lovelace.

She is Lella Lombardi and Mary Kom too

with wonders wrapped within her

there’s nothing she can’t do.


And that is the lesson

women must share,

The key to unwrap

the marvel that has always been there.

To let the world’s misplaced wisdom

Now rest in peace,

and find within themselves

a world of oceanic possibilities.






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