Book Review: The Adventures of the JP Family

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AUTHOR: Radhika Acharya

BOOK NAME: The Adventures of the J P Family

GENRE: Humour/ Fiction


PUBLISHER: Blogchatter


Radhika Acharya is not a newbie writer. She has been successfully putting her thoughts to paper since her college days. Her lost love for writing was revived when she started her humour blog  almost two years back. Her wit and humour have found extraordinary love in The Navhind Times, Goa and Khaleej Times, Dubai. This published book makes her a first-time author.


“The Adventures of the JP Family” revolves around the incorrigible JayPrakash Uncle, his candid better-half, Srilatha Aunt and their boys, Raju and Raghu who have truly inherited their “funny family genes”! Yes, the family is seriously funny!

Radhika takes the readers on a fun ride with twenty-six everyday tales that tickle your funny bone. As she herself points out in the first chapter, ‘This is an amazing family!’

From a very weighty discussion in “Cast Your Vote” to the grave matters regarding maids and children’s examinations, the high-priority considerations of the family are full of subtle humour. The “chuckle please” undertone is truly comic.

What also endears the readers to the characters is the fact that they are highly relatable. When you see the Aunt download worksheets for the boys, you can well picture yourself in her. Even JP Uncle’s shuffling from one queue to the other is a situation you may well find yourself in more than once.

Radhika maintains the husband-wife banter, but the blame game is extremely light-hearted and enjoyable. How do you think the Aunt should have reacted when JP Uncle insists on fixing a bulb early in the morning and the task continues to linger on till late evening. Well, does that sound familiar?

In that sense, you could say that the book is highly biographical (the protagonists being you and me)!

The language is simple and crisp. There is good focus on maintaining brevity, which makes it an excellent, breezy read. This is even more important because you cannot put the book away until you finish reading it!

The writer mentions in the introduction that her ‘intent is to bring some light-hearted amusement’ and if she can succeed in eliciting at least one smile or chuckle from her readers, she says,  ‘Then I think I have ARRIVED!’

Well, you certainly have Radhika.

The Adventures of the JP Family is a good read for children and adults alike.

It would be interesting to see it in the form of a comic series, much in the line of Suppandi!

RATING   I save a few stars for the next series. 4.5/5 is my rating. Highly Recommended.

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  1. Wow Sonia. What a lovely review!! Thank you.
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    Seriously this feels so good. I am happy that my book has been so well received!!

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