X is Unknown


So are Y and Z, you would say. But no, it is X and only X that is quintessentially unknown. A history of X can easily verify my claim but I am not delving into it right now.

The status of X (unknown) came into limelight while I was in school. I wasn’t very friendly with numbers and then, in walked this variable to multiply my woes.

Sometimes it would be all alone and on other days it would come with twice its power to ensure that I fell flat on my face. Finding x was mission impossible for me and so, from thereon, the nomenclature for anything unknown had been done!


Gradually I learnt that most things in my life were x. If I walked in to purchase a new set of clothes, well, my size was always x. Because it kept swinging back and forth between “M” and “L”. I never knew which phase it was in. So, my standard response to, ‘Ma’am, what size?’ was ‘X’.


‘How I wish! No. X- unknown!!’


As I pointed out in one of my earlier posts, I was always confused about what I wanted to do with my life. So, if the “future” question ever popped up, my standard response was ‘X’.

Actually, I believe that future should instead have been named X. It’s always wavering like this alphabet. No matter how well you try to solve the equation, your future is always unknown. So, unless you finally find this x, all your planning of tomorrow is nothing more than a wild guess!

So, I possibly couldn’t have told you aeons ago what I would be doing today. Because I am actually doing something diametrically opposite.


As I began taking major decisions in the kitchen, somehow, I was expected to know well in advance what was cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I grew so tired of it that I eventually resorted to X.

‘What’s for lunch?’


It didn’t quite resolve the issue for good but it did provide some intermittent relief.

It also helped when an X (read ex) called randomly.

‘Who was that?’

‘X (ex)!’ (you could take your pick).

In that sense x has been of vital importance because it chose to stay unknown.


In fact, I strongly feel that the only function x has ever performed in the scheme of alphabets is to be unknown. If you open the dictionary you find it squeezed between W and Y with barely a page dedicated to its existence.

scrabble tile

There is only one tile of x in the game of scrabble. And if you happen to pick it up, it ensures that it stays there until all the other alphabets are done and dusted with. Of course, you do have your infrequent outings with Xmas and X-ray, but the rule of probability ensures that x remains unknown to the scrabble board.


Despite all of this, I think X is much needed. Everybody is so much in everybody else’s face nowadays that we could take a lesson or two in anonymity from x.

Even as being in the limelight may seem gratifying, if you truly ask me what kind of life is worthwhile, I’d say, X!


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13 thoughts on “X is Unknown”

  1. Loved your take on X! <3
    I find X difficult to get rid of when I get it in Scrabble. But nonetheless, it is always exciting when I do. I think that sums up how I feel about X in my life 😀

  2. Oh, yes, I resonate!! I DO!!!!
    This has always been me, Every answer is ‘X’ and ironically I am super weak at Math too, so I have never known how to find the value of ‘x’, I am only hoping time will unravel the answers itself.
    PS: The size of clothes is a persistent problem for me too 😉

  3. Xtraordinary has been this X and the way you have Xpressed it is Xtremely ……hmmmm… I would say X 😬

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