Out of Sight, Out of Mind

No, there isn’t a mushy, saccharine story that I bring today. Life can’t be spiritual and all every day.  As a middle-aged woman, I do have to deal with some practical issues, and I’m just here to share the tale of my absent-mindedness. Once again, do not confuse me with being a scatterbrain. I’m not. On the contrary, I am quite organised. But, somehow, things that I stack away are always hard to find. I do think many of my girl friends have to deal with this as well. Can’t say about men. I don’t know what happens on that side of the fence. Not really in their shoes, you see!

Anyway, coming back to the point, I find it easy to forget where I put the keys or my phone or at times the important documents that you may have handed over to me. Everything that I may once have put away safely, acquires a property to lose itself. And on days when that happens, you can see an entire household on a mission. Almirahs are toppled over, cabinets are laid bare and the oldest of files dusted once again. It’s a long procedure indeed.

And as if, keys or documents weren’t enough to make me lose my sanity. With the advent of “passwords” for every single piece of information you need to store today, my troubles have doubled. For a long, long time all that I was doing was changing these passwords at the drop of a hat. What else would I do? Every time I logged into a system it would yell- Incorrect password! Finally, I did find a way out of this at least and maintained a pocket diary who has better memory than me. That’s another story when I forgot where I’d placed the measly little thing.

We even tried another exercise to help me remember where the “out of sight” happenings had been put away so very “carefully”. I was asked to re-enact the whole scene. So, you found me walk into the house with another pair of keys in my hands, and do exactly what I had done on that fateful day. So much for ingenuity. If I remembered what I’d done, I would know where the keys were! Or, wouldn’t I?

Well, even as I struggle with all of this, there is someone in the house who has taken after me. My teenage boy. One fine afternoon, I happened to pick the young lad from school. The moment he entered the car, there was this aroma of oranges that filled the air.

‘You didn’t have the orange I packed for lunch?’

‘Why, I did!’

‘I can smell oranges. Is there something you are carrying with you?’

‘Not at all!’

Even as we reached home, the smell wouldn’t leave us.

‘Are you sure you had the orange?’

‘Why would I lie? Go, check my bag if you don’t trust me.’

Now it wasn’t such a thing for me to go around rummaging through his things. Soon, the matter was forgotten until late in the evening when my mother called to find out whether we had enjoyed the scrumptious oranges she had sent through him! So, from forgetting shoes in play fields to books in classrooms to even his little sister in school- he has been there, done that!

Coming back to the lady of the house, her struggles don’t just end in the fruit basket. My share of forgetfulness is far more serious. You see, unlike the boy, I don’t have age by my side. And I realize that there is little hope for me. So, since redemption here seems a distant thing, I have just decided to take refuge proverbially. Yes, I do believe, Out of sight, out of mind!


This post is a part of #Blogchatter’s AtoZ Challenge 2019. The other posts in this series may be read here.



19 thoughts on “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

  1. I couldn’t stop laughing through the whole post. Not a single sentence completed without a chuckle (I am travelling in the metro and getting crazy stares). You have a gift of being ultra creative with the most boring of topics. I was wondering what mess I would have made if had to write even a paragraph about the same. And to make you feel better, you are not alone with that special skill as my father is a step ahead 🤣.
    Really enjoyed each and every word and specially the flow with which you connected the dots.

  2. “Everything that I may once have put away safely, acquires a property to lose itself. ”
    Hahahahahaha! That is soooo like me too! And yes, then the entire house is turned upside down!
    I tend to misplace my mobile and specs most often, and yes, hairclips too! There are times when my mobile has been discovered inside the cupboard. Once even inside the fridge! 😛
    You lose your password diary too? Hahaha! That is best! 😀
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  3. I can so much relate to this post. Even I forget things so frequently that I feel like giving a call to find them out! Hats off to your sense of humour 😁

  4. Wow….just perfect …sums up my one such day…of keeping the things so safely that i really forget where i kept it and this the house turning search….love the piece….keep it up

  5. Me too, me too! I keep forgetting things unless I have extensive notes. I keep checking and re-checking and double-guessing. It can get so annoying (for others around me too) 😛
    This post was super fun to read!

  6. You have the best sense of humor. I go guffaw at your posts almost daily. This is me after motherhood. I have no idea where anything is, except my son’s things and my diaries.

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