The Wishlist

Before you make a wish, bow your head in gratitude. There is always something to be thankful for!
I was merely ten years old when this new teacher joined my school. She was Mrs Elizabeth John. Besides being my class teacher, she also happened to be my neighbour. She lived in a huge green coloured building on a hill top close to my house. Much that I was in awe of her, I was also completely fascinated by her house. Once I accompanied her to her place on pretext of picking up some stuff for school. That was it. The place was so captivating that I had this keen desire to live there sometime in my life. Three years ago when I came back to Shimla for a short duration, I found myself making my home the very same house!
When I was in class 8 I wrote my first article for ‘Target’ – a teen magazine published by India Today. The article didn’t find place in the magazine but I received a hand-written letter by the editor Amina Jayal who said that she saw great promise in me. I took to teaching when I grew up. I did write a few pieces here and there but always had this desire to be associated with writing that lurked somewhere in the background.
Little did I think that I was adding a new chapter to my life when I called up Vandana Bhagra in the year 2016. I was trying to settle down in Shimla and was desirous of picking up work. I had been teaching wherever we went and schools here were already into mid-session when I landed. I didn’t know how or what Keekli demanded but I just asked her if she could fit me in. I did remember her as the fiery sports captain, three years my senior. She, of course, didn’t remember me at all! And so Keekli happened. I was writing for sure and getting published too!!
In the year 2008 I had joined a three month yoga course. Once the course got over, I never got an opportunity to do yoga again. Neither did I try it on my own but somewhere I wished to get back to it. I called up Manpreet after seeing an advertisement of AURA somewhere in town. This was in February 2017. I said I was willing to join but wasn’t sure how I could fit it into my schedule. Then I simply forgot about it. A month later I called her back. And thus began my two year journey at AURA. A decade old wish just made it real!
Back in school I was always interested in public speaking. The stage was my favourite place and posing as the news reader in front of the mirror was a favourite pass time. Just before I was to wind up my stay in Shimla, Bhupinder Sir called me up to join him for a chat show on yoga to be aired on DD Shimla. Voila! There I was!!
There isn’t just one Santa that we know. There are many. Whether it was Ashwani who insisted that I move to Shimla for these three years which gave me some great times with my parents, old friends, relatives, teachers- which was almost like growing up again in a house I had once dreamt of OR Vandana who also chipped in with her red cap OR Aura that helped fulfill an old wish OR Bhupinder Sir who brought along a surprise Santa gift…
We don’t always know but Santa may come in any shape or size. Just remember to thank your Santas before you make another wish today.
Of course, and hope that you too can be somebody’s Santa!


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