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My Aging Nose: How I Grow Old!

‘My Nose is Growing Old’ wrote Richard Brautigan. ‘Yup. A long lazy September look in the mirror say it’s true. I’m 31 and my nose is growing old….’ There are some obvious outcomes of aging. Noses are one among them. I don’t know how they really age, but I guess they become bigger, or, longer. …

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Last evening, I smelt the frangipani flowers. They were floating in an uruli, spiral whites circumventing subtle yellows. They sat on my screen in an image, during a poetry workshop. We were to follow the usual protocol. Watch, conjure a memory or simply drift with the image. I enjoy these moments of collective writing when …

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THE KALI PROJECT is published!

Dear readers, It gives me great pleasure to announce that two of my poems titled ‘Women Who Read Break Families’ and ‘The Dance of Rebellion’ are part of the wonderful ‘The Kali Project’ by Indie Blue Publishing. The links for the book are given below. Please support this powerful work by Indian women poets. CONGRATULATIONS …

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Between everything that goes on in life, the wilderness teaches me more lessons than all my reading combined. Even in a metropolis, I am capable of finding my own wastelands. Unattended and forsaken, they don’t care about the haphazard fashion statements of the civilized world. On another thought, I like to identify myself with the …



‘IGNITE-from within the confines-‘ was an online art and poetry exhibition curated by Deepa Gopal. I was paired with artist Ahlam Abbas from Lebanon and I composed five poems for her transcendental art pieces. I present one of the poems titled WHICH OF THESE WILL LAST? which compares love in two conditions of the lockdown- …


Tinted Glasses

I see the green of jealousywalk into the room surreptitiously,glinting malevolence rumbles her insides;wary and leery I steal away,to bump into a melancholic grey. ‘Hello there!’ it smiles wistfully‘I’m called melancholy!’Long alleys of despondency writ on its face,a phantasm of drudgerymethinks has overstayed. So, I move on to yet another avenue,to be ushered in by …

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A Hundred Quills- Behind the Scenes & The Journey Ahead

“If you chase anything in life chase the things that get you excited about living…”                                                                ─ Shannon L. Alder A Hundred Quills is turning two next week. And this one is a huge personal milestone for me. From just about two readers (or followers as they are popularly called) to almost four hundred (394 at …

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IWSG- AUGUST 2020 (Did the form find me?)

It’s the IWSG day once again! Time’s a Bugatti, isn’t it? I love the IWSG. It’s an awesome place to learn and grow; a support group where you can reach out to better your craft. The first Wednesday of every month is officially Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Post your thoughts on your own blog. Talk about your …

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