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Learning the Tanka

Hello friends! I’m back after a short spell of silence. Writing has been happening behind the scenes but nothing prominent that I can write about. I have enrolled for The Himalayan Writing Retreat’s ‘First Draft Club’ this entire month of September and I have managed to write a few poems, their first drafts really. And …

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Book Review- the forest i know

Book: The Forest I Know (a gathering of tanka verses) Author: Kala Ramesh Publisher: HarperCollinsIN Genre: Poetry Language: English The Tanka is a traditional Japanese poetry form, popularly called the ‘short song’. Originally written as a one-line poem with thirty-one syllables, it is broken into five poetic lines with a 5-7-5-7-7 structure when written in …

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Published – Write in Power (The Hidden Pen Collective)

The Hidden Pen Collective seeks to amplify the writings from the margins imposed by religion, race, caste, class, gender and sexuality in  South Asia. For aeons, our stories have been set aside, our voices have been silenced, and we find in the 21st century that we are still struggling to be heard. With Write in Power, a compelling anthology of fictional and non-fictional prose, poems, and art, we present the writings of twenty-four writers and artists from across the spectrum of human experience.


Hello Readers Welcome back! Today I am here to share my entry for the Write Edit Publish (WEP) August prompt. First about the WEP. It is a supportive writing community where creative people submit to a bloghop every second month. Writers and other artists receive and provide feedback to as many bloghop entrants as possible. …



I first read ‘Ozymandias’ by Shelley back in school. I was no more than fourteen. What did I know of pride and political power except for that which appeared in glazed history books! With my limited understanding of vanity, I still found the poem discerning. As a little backstory, we were told that the genesis of the sonnet was a discussion between Percy Bysshe Shelley (the poet) and his friend Horace Smith about the annihilation of the once great empire of Egypt.

जीवन में एक सितारा था…

1990 में एक बहुचर्चित फ़िल्म आयी थी। नाम था ‘अग्निपथ’ । मैं उस समय मात्र दस साल की थी। सिनेमा घर हम जाते नही थे और दूरदर्शन के सिवा हम कुछ देखते नही थे। इसलिए फ़िल्म कब बड़े पर्दे पे आयी, कब चली गयी, इस बात का न कोई आभास हुआ और न ही जानने …

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‘IGNITE-from within the confines-‘ was an online art and poetry exhibition curated by Deepa Gopal. I was paired with artist Ahlam Abbas from Lebanon and I composed five poems for her transcendental art pieces. I present one of the poems titled WHICH OF THESE WILL LAST? which compares love in two conditions of the lockdown- …


बड़े शहरों में मेरा मन नही लगता

बड़े शहरों की ऊँची इमारतों मेंमेरा मन नही लगतायहाँ जगमगाते बल्बदफ़्न करते हैं पहाड़ों की धामचटकनियों के सहारेखिड़की और दरवाज़ेसलामत रखते हैंबहुतायत, दिखावा और मायूसीठंडी बयारें पंखे का टेक लगाएदबे पाँव ही आती हैंबाग़ी हवाओं को यहाँआशियाँ नही मिलताबड़े शहरों की ऊँची इमारतों मेंमेरा मन नही लगताउठती है टीस रोज़ हीइनके बाज़ारों मेंजहाँ बिकते हैं …

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Tinted Glasses

I see the green of jealousywalk into the room surreptitiously,glinting malevolence rumbles her insides;wary and leery I steal away,to bump into a melancholic grey. ‘Hello there!’ it smiles wistfully‘I’m called melancholy!’Long alleys of despondency writ on its face,a phantasm of drudgerymethinks has overstayed. So, I move on to yet another avenue,to be ushered in by …

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अंग्रेज़ी में एक कहावत है, Grass is greener on the other side. दूर से जब हम क़ामयाबी और प्रशंसा को देखते हैं तो वो ताजमहल प्रतीत होती है। मगर पास आने पर वो कामयाबी सिर्फ एक खूबसूरत मक़बरा बन कर रह जाती है। उसका मधुर सा लगने वाला संगीत शोर बन जाता है। ऐसे ही …

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